World’s Biggest Mobile Gaming Countries

top 5 mobile casino countries10 years ago, some online casino operators, software developers, and other industry movers and shakers thought that mobile gaming would only ever be an optional extra. That misguided idea was turned upside down when the iPhone and Android smartphones were released.

Mobile gaming has since exploded into a worldwide multi-billion dollar industry. There is barely a country on earth where players don’t play either casino games, role-player games, or other games on smartphones and tablets.

Of course, for socio-economic and other reasons, playing games on mobile devices is more popular and prevalent in some countries than in others.

If you have ever wondered where in the world mobile gaming is the most popular, wonder no longer.

A Quick Glance

In 2016, mobile gaming revenues topped more than $35 billion. A significant portion of that came from China.

Apart from China, the other big spenders were Japan, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. We found it interesting to note that the computer games market in China is being overtaken by the mobile market, so much so that the mobile market grew by more than 40 percent in little over a year.


China contributed more than $8 billion to mobile gaming revenue in one year, which made it the country with the biggest spend by far. It probably helps that the country in which one eight of the world’s population resides numbers more than 284 million players among its citizens.

The number of men who play games on smartphones or tablets is roughly equal to the number of women who play.

The United States

The USA contributed more than $3 billion to 2016’s mobile gaming revenue. More than 104 million Americans enjoy mobile gaming.

The number of male and female players is also more or less equal.


Japan’s 2016 mobile gaming revenue was close to $2 billion. More than 28 million Japanese players play games on the move.

Again, there wasn’t much difference in the number of male players versus the number of female players.

The United Kingdom

Of the four big mobile gaming spenders, the United Kingdom was the most conservative. The UK contributed just over $1 billion to 2016’s revenue.

Unsurprisingly, the number of male players was roughly equal to the number of female players.

As impressive as these figures are, what really excites us is that the industry shows no signs of slowing down.