Will the iPhone 8 Change Mobile Gaming?

There is rarely going to be a time where you need to search for proof of the fact that the incredible world of technology appears to have an everlasting thirst for innovation and evolution.

If you still need a little convincing, however, take a look at the many rumours, that have already been surfacing in numerous corners of the internet, about the iPhone 8 – many of which have surfaced from the mobile gaming community.

We may not be aware of exactly what the iPhone 8 has in store for us, but we do know that the rumours suggest it will have an effect on the ever-growing world of mobile casino gaming. The question then lies in whether the release of this device will be a good change or a bad one.

Bigger, Better Gaming

While it seems as though it was just the other day that we lost our minds over the release of the iPhone 7, there is already an exceptional number of rumours about what Apple’s iPhone 8 release in September will have in store for us.

There are many tech fans around the globe, all of which have their own unique taste and preferences, but it is the mobile gaming community that is most eager for bigger and better experiences. Mobile gamers have almost been spoilt in technological advancements to the point where we have come to expect more in a shorter space of time.

So, what could Apple possibly do to accomplish pleasing an audience that has been known to be extremely hard to please?

Better Processing Power

When the iPhone 7 was released last year, players around the globe rejoiced over the A10 Fusion chip, that is nothing short of revolutionary, because it was capable of operating console-level gaming.

What’s more, the latest casino games have been made with immensely innovative technology, and the iPhone 7 offered a device that was capable of playing host to games without any glitches.

However, technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, thus calling for the release of the iPhone 8 to not simply catch up but get ahead of the game and change the world of mobile gaming once again.

Improved Functionality

There are a few fairly big titles that are scheduled for release this year, which is why there is no doubt that performance will be at the forefront of the creative minds at Apple.

However, what’s even more exciting is that they are expected to release what is being referred to as a super-charged A11 chip and that means that the mobile casino gaming world is sure to see improvements as this means faster and seamless gameplay.

If Apple hears the calls for split-screen functionality, the mobile casino gaming will definitely see an increase in popularity, as players will then be able to play multiple games on the go.

Decreased Battery Issues

If there is one major thing that mobile casinos gamers have in common, it is that we will never seem to have enough battery life for the many hours of thrilling casino gaming that are available to us.

The iPhone 8 has been rumoured to include a battery boost in the upgrade. However, consider the fairly recent, and exceedingly embarrassing, exploding battery episode that basically illustrates the balancing act that needs to be performed between the safety of the device and the technological ability.

What is interesting, though, is that the iPhone 8 is also expected to introduce wireless charging, which could essentially further the level of flexibility that mobile casino gaming activity offers.

Lastly, the rumoured all-glass change may not change gaming in terms of functionality and look, but it does highlight that Apple could make some seriously stylish mobile games.