Will Betting on Trump Pay Off?

Donald Trump has taken the most powerful office in the world after one of the most controversial and contentious presidential races of all time. He is either loved or hated but has promised to make America great again. Will he? Who knows, at the moment the world is still in shock that this immodest, overconfident businessman won the world’s most important political race and is now the leader of the free world.

Trump is powerful and egotistical, believing himself to be an archetypal businessman. He has had many successes but his stint in the casino world was, well, one that is seemingly being pushed under the carpet. He sells himself as a rags to riches triumph, a self-made business mogul and the one who will make America great again.

While America and the rest of the world either cheer him on or hang their heads in shame, the casino industry awaits with baited breathe as to whether America will become part of the online casino revolution that includes greats like Cabaret Club.

Trumps Tale of Rags to Riches

He was born into wealth in 1946, became the president of the family property business and more than ten years later he inherited millions.

Real estate was his thing and during the 80s the Trump brand took on more than 270 businesses. By 1990, the Trump business was in $5 million debt, which was saved by over 70 banks.

His major downfall and reason for the debt was his ownership of his Atlantic City casinos Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Plaza and Trump Castle.

For a brief time in the late 80s Trump had made the Boardwalk of Atlantic City an exciting arena for high rollers yet Las Vegas was always where the money was at and the cost of his hotel and casinos was far more than what they raked in. He made a huge fortune for himself but left a trail of devastation in Atlantic City.

Trumps Stance on Gambling

While Trump may be less inclined to remember the time he failed so drastically in Atlantic City, the gambling industry is quite keen to see what changes will be affected during his time as the man in charge.

He is the first American president to enter the White House having been an integral part of the casino industry which leaves observers curious as to how his administration will handle sports betting, internet gambling and daily fantasy sports.

Back in 2011 he stated his support of online casinos in a Forbes interview where he stated that online gambling should be legalised because many other countries were doing so, and America was missing out.

He even explored the notion of online gambling in New Jersey before it actually became legal in 2013. His stance today on online gambling is still a mystery but all Americans with a penchant for betting or gambling are keeping a close eye on what will happen in the upcoming months.

A Way Forward

The Republican Party reversed its overall stance on online gambling, as it is really not the most valuable issue the country faces. Many within the party have been heavily anti-online gambling since federal law was rewritten in 2011 but when Trump became the forerunner of the party it was clear that they would ease up on the issue.

Even though Trump’s history in the casino industry is a long and controversial one, it is still very unclear on where he stands regarding online casinos but it is probably a sure thing that he will not be banning it under federal law.