Why Microgaming is a Mobile Casino Pioneer

Why Microgaming is a Mobile Casino Pioneer

For those who might not be aware, Microgaming is a leader in the online casino industry. They are responsible for many online casino games, from world-class slots games, to digital adaptations of classic table games. In fact, if you’ve been playing online casino games for any length of time, there is a very good chance you have played a Microgaming game.

The company has been around for a long time, and have had an undeniable role in changing and shaping the online casino industry. Many of their games paved the way for other companies in terms of design and innovation, making certain essential design choices industry standard. One of their biggest contributions has been, however, in bringing online casino games to the mobile phone platform.

Microgaming has been pushing the mobile revolution for years, and the company can very much be said to not only have been one of the first pioneering the mobile phone revolution, but to still be leaders in this regard today.

Casino Games On Mobile Phone

You can generally tell a Microgaming slot game by its outstanding quality in visual and audio design. Microgaming created some of the most well loved modern online slots games, and this is no small achievement, given the astonishing quality of many modern slot games in general.

But Microgaming didn’t stop at just making great slot games for the desktop computer platform; they wanted to do the same for the mobile platform. The company was one of the first to start offering mobile-based games, and lead the way in developing games specifically for smart phones.

They have developed many exclusively mobile based games in the past, going back years, and continue to push the market today. They have also ported many of their old classic games to the mobile platform. Porting these great games from the PC to mobile platform must have been no small task, give that the two systems have very different resources, but Microgaming rose to the challenge.

Classic Microgaming Games

Lets have a look at some of the top Microgaming games that are now available on the mobile platform.

  • Mega Moolah

Many have played the Mega Moolah slot game, and it is considered to be an all time classic in the casino industry. Being a progressive jackpot slot game, players stand to win an astonishing amount of cash. The game may not be the most impressive in terms of graphics or visuals, when compared to other games, but who cares about graphics when you can be turned into an instant millionaire? Mega Moolah is now available on mobile phones.

  • Thunderstruck 1 And Thunderstruck 2

The Thunderstruck franchise is legendary, known by virtually anyone who has been playing slot games. Featuring some of the most impressive visual design in slot game history, Thunderstruck is based around Thor, the well-loved character from Norse mythology. And, more recently star of Marvel super hero films. The game is well loved by online slot game players, and there is no denying that the game is a delight to play. It can also be played directly on mobile phones.

  • Jurassic Park™

It’s important to keep in mind just how long ago Jurassic Park™ came out, and realise that Microgaming was already a king of the industry even back then. The Jurassic Park™ game isn’t as impressive as it once was, but is still an exceptionally well-made classic slot game. It’s well worth a look, even if just to marvel at how long Microgaming has been making waves in a competitive industry. The Jurassic Park™ slot game is now also available to play on smart phone.

  • Game Of Thrones™

Being a major franchise in modern times, Game of Thrones™ has all but taken the world by storm. It has millions of fans across the world, and many of those fans also play the slot game adaptation. The game isn’t blowing minds with incredible animations or graphics, but it is offering a solid slot game experience backed by some deep Game of Thrones™ lore. It’s certainly worth a look, and can easily be enjoyed by those that aren’t familiar with the books or television series. Check it out on your smart phone now.

  • Tomb Raider™

The Tomb Raider™ franchise has been running for an exceptionally long time, evolving and changing as it shifted to attract new audiences. The star character, Lara Croft™, may have mostly been popular because of her physique, but today is a character that appeals to a much wider audience. Microgaming was there from the start of the franchise, and made a companion slot game that complimented the video games. Yes, it is also available on smartphone, and is a great game to pass the time with.