What is Speed Roulette?

speed rouletteWhen it comes to Live Dealer casino games, Evolution Gaming has completely transformed the online casino market. With HD streaming, television trained dealers, super-slick software and multiple gaming options, Evolution Gaming offers far more than any other Live Dealer operators.

One of their most popular Live Dealer games is Roulette. This classic casino table game offers players a variety of betting options with odds from 1:1 up to 36:1. Evolution Gaming also offers Speed Roulette, which can seem like an entirely different game altogether.

A High-Speed Casino Favourite

So, what exactly is Speed Roulette and how does it work?

Basically, Live Dealer Speed Roulette is a super-fast version of classic Roulette for players who just want to get in on with the action. While a standard game of Roulette can take around 50 seconds or more to complete a round, Speed Roulette more than halves the time between betting rounds with an average time of 25 seconds. The benefits of a faster game are easy to see.

Players can get more bets in with less time spent dawdling around the betting table. This means more throughput and more chances of hitting a winner. It also adds a sense of excitement and intensity that the slower games lack.

How the Game is Sped Up?

There are a number of factors that all contribute to the faster game. First of all, instead of the betting being done before the spin of the wheel, all the bets have to be placed and completed while the wheel is spinning.

The dealer will start the round by spinning the wheel and dropping in the ball. Before the wheel has come to a stop, all the bets must be finalised. This ensures that there is no “dead time” during play. Evolution Gaming has also included specialised video recognition software to determine the winning numbers.

More Bets, More Often

This winning number recognition gives the dealer and the player instant confirmation as soon as the ball has been firmly located in a slot. The bets will be paid out accordingly and the next round can begin straight away with the dealer spinning the wheel and dropping the ball again.

Speed Roulette is specifically designed for experienced roulette players who want a faster paced game with increased rates of betting. For beginners, it is best to start playing classic live dealer roulette in order to get the gist of how the betting works, saving your favourite bets and working the integrated casino software.