How Vegas Is Embracing Tech Innovations

las vegas tech innovationsLas Vegas has always held a special place in every casino fan’s heart. It symbolises so much of the industry despite only coming to prominence as a gaming town in this last century.

Sin City has always attempted to invigorate and innovate when it comes to gambling. With the immense growth of online casinos, many Vegas insiders feel it is time to change their approach, while other casino stalwarts like Sheldon Adelson from Las Vegas Sands seems to be fighting the new casino industry.

Despite the internal politics of growth in Vegas, the city is working towards being on top of innovative gambling once again.

The Home Of The CES Convention

One element that certainly helps develop innovation in Vegas is the annual Consumer Electronics Show. It is held in the state each year, bringing ground breaking new tech to the city along with many industry movers and shakers that further drive innovative approaches.

Change In Hospitality Industry

Companies involved in casinos and hospitality like Caesars have recently started automating their check-ins and concierge services.

The technology isn’t completely there to replace humans entirely but the trails have been vital in field testing these robotic helpers that could soon move into land based casinos.

eSports And Online Gaming

Competitive gaming, or eSports is a fast growing industry and perfect for gambling opportunities but the strict state and federal regulation on the industry has not helped. The Borgata in Atlantic City is one of the few casinos that has tailor made infrastructure in place to host online casinos and gaming events.

It doesn’t seem that Vegas will adopt online gaming anytime soon as trials in the city have not delivered positive results. For example, a tally of online and land based poker revenue in Nevada showed that while online poker generated $1 million, it was a drop in the ocean of the $1 billion in revenue generated from land based poker in the region.

The Future Of Vegas

Technology doesn’t just drive change but also growth. As long as Las Vegas remains dedicated to embracing new technologies while remembering their roots, the city will remain a shining symbol of the rewards that gambling can give to dedicated and skilled gamers.

Their shunning of online casinos should not be seen as a negative aspect; rather we should appreciate their traditional values and approaches to the industry that can often be too geared towards profits. After all, online casinos offer so many advantages already, and you don’t have to go to Vegas to play!