Trend Alert: Skills Based Casino Games

Skill Based Casino Games

One of the most fascinating things about casino games is the fact that they have remained virtually unchanged since their first inception. Sure, some additional rules and various versions of classic casino games have been introduced, but for the most part the core classic casino games are identical to how they were centuries ago. It goes to prove just how well thought out and constructed these games were, given that they needed nothing new to still appeal to modern society.

Slot games, for example, may have taken on a much more modern version using high definition graphics, interactive soundtracks, and other additions, but the core of slot games are the same as they in the late seventeen hundreds. This is remarkable for a number of reasons, not the least because the symbols used in those first slot games are still used today.

But, it was recently announced that casino games are about to undergo their biggest evolution since casinos were first introduced. Skill based video game style rules are being added to casino games, and it is perhaps the most exciting thing to occur to the gambling world in a very long time.

Why Skill Based Games?

Casinos have reported in recent years that the millennial generation is not as interested in the casino scene as the generations before it. Very simply put, casino games just don’t hold much appeal to a generation that was brought up on skill based video games. Slot games are based almost entirely on luck, using no player skill at all. The only real choices in a slot game are to raise or lower bets, or to add or reduce betting lines. To a person who grew up with video games entirely based around skill, the system doesn’t hold much appeal.

This may also explain the enormous increase in popularity for games like poker, which are very much skill based. Either way, slot game developers saw the disconnect, and decided to make some very interesting changes to slot games. They added a skill aspect directly aimed at a video game crazy generation.

The basic idea is that casino games would have a factor very much based around skill, and very much rooted in modern video games. It all makes a great deal of sense, and it’s no wonder that there is already talk that casino games are about to see a massive increase in popularity.

What Sort Of Games?

There is not a lot of information available at present, since the practice of adding skill based games to slots games had not been covered by gambling laws, specifically in Nevada. But, with it recently being declared legal for this sort of game mechanic to be added to slot games, it can be certain that games of this type are already in the works.

It has been suggested that driving game mechanics are being looked at, as well as a certain type of unclear shooting mechanic. It was also suggested that these types of skill game additions would be “bonus games,” so not the main focus of the game itself. Logic says that a slot game might grant the player a skill game based bonus game if hitting a jackpot, which certainly sounds like a great deal of fun. More details about these games will surely emerge as the concept becomes more fully fleshed out.

Will It Work?

There is a great deal of excitement about the new game mechanics, this much is certain, and as already said many are already predicting an enormous increase in slot game revenue in Nevada. But the question must be very seriously asked; will these new game mechanics really draw in new players?

If looking at the situation logically, it would seem like a perfect fit for a video game obsessed generation. Millennials are by far the biggest spenders in the video game market, by a fairly big margin, so much so that it can virtually be said that the video game market is entirely propped up by millennials. This shows that the millennial generation are not only extremely engaged in video games, but certainly willing to spend money.

In other words, you have a video game obsessed generation with money in their pockets, and there is no real reason that gambling games of this kind should not be very appealing. After all, how many standard video games offer the chance to make money back?

How Good Will The Games Be?

The real deciding factor seems to be just how good these slot game based video games will be. People spending a huge amount of their life playing video games certainly won’t settle for a substandard game playing experience. And this, likely, will be the deciding factor on how successful the endeavour will be. Only time will tell how the situation develops.