Top Tips for Playing Online Video Poker

Online Video Poker

Whether you play online video poker at Cabaret Club, or elsewhere for that matter, you should always remember that while it may appear to be an easy game, it does require some skill to produce positive outcomes.

Online video poker has some of the greatest payouts and betting opportunities so having some sort of strategy is important. The paytables may be visible on the main screen or may be a click away. Either way, knowing the paytable will help you select the best online video poker game variation to play and allow you to aim for the better hands with significantly better pay outs.

Pick the Best Video Poker Game

All online video poker games are quite similar across the board but the differences that they do have may be key to finding the most profitable game to play. The important differences lie with the paytable and the lowest ranking hands as some may require a pair of tens or better, jacks or better and kings or better.

Wild deuces mean additional ranking hands that may not be available in other versions that can, essentially, give you more opportunity at aiming for a ranking hand. Once you have decided which variation is best for you, look for the one offering the best payouts.

Manage your Bets and Bankroll

Online video poker games come with a wide variance so keep in mind which games have better RTP rates than others. There is no need to bet large as small bets can keep you playing longer and may produce multiple wins.

Keeping your stakes low is best when playing multi-hand video poker games too, as you can extend your bankroll and keep you in the game without going bust by losing all your money.

If you are on a winning streak consider only betting a portion of winnings so that you can walk away with winnings regardless of whether the streak continues or not and always walk away from a losing streak. Rather retain your balance and come back and play after a breather.

Online Video Poker Play Strategy

Each online video poker game has a slightly different strategy because of the additional hand rankings that may be available but regardless of the variation you choose the aim is to keep the best possible cards and discard the rest.

A good way to practice a specific strategy and to get a better understanding of why certain cards should be kept is to make use of the free play versions of the game. This way you will not lose a cent while trying out the best strategy for you.

If aiming for a natural royal flush, it is best to have the maximum coin bet in play, as this will entitle you to the major jackpot if you land the hand. It is however not a hand that comes around often so consider the first five cards you hold and if they have a chance.

An example of a good video poker strategy would be to hold cards pertaining to the following hands:

  1. Any ranking hand already held
  2. Any deuce if it represents a wild card
  3. Four of a kind
  4. Three of a kind
  5. Pair of jacks or better
  6. Suited high cards
  7. Two pair
  8. Three or four of a royal flush
  9. Three or four of a straight flush
  10. Suited ten to king cards
  11. Two unsuited high valued playing cards
  12. One high card
  13. Discard all cards if no hand ranking is possible