Top Tech Trends Of 2017

2016 has passed away into the mists of time, and what a year it was for technology. New smart phones rocked our worlds, gaming consoles had a mini-evolution, and virtual reality stepped onto the stage for the first time.

If this previous year is anything to go by, 2017 is going to be one crazy year as far as technology is concerned. If anything, it is certainly going to be the year that more of us get up close and personal with virtual reality in particular. Let’s take a look at virtual reality, and some of the other top 4 technology revolutions to look out for in 2017.

1.Enter The VR Revolution

We just mentioned it, and are going to mention it again; virtual reality. You simply can’t ignore a technology that seems so far fetched it’s as if it was stolen from the future. Yes, virtual reality is already technically on the market, but so far not many average folks have had the pleasure of testing it. This is because virtual reality is currently, in technical terms, really damn expensive. We’ve watched video of others using VR headsets, and it looks amazing, but who can possibly afford a headset that costs as much as a whole top of the range computer?

2017 is the year that this is set to change. Not only are the major headsets, such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, set to drop in price, but a new wave of cheaper headsets are also set to release. These cheaper versions will not give the exact same experience as the better versions, but it’s a great place to get a taste of the action. 2017 is also the year that many virtual reality focused games are going to be released, online casino games in particular. All in all, it looks like 2017 may just be the year remembered as the one virtual reality took the world by storm.

2.The Unexpected Audio Revolution

With everyone focused on the amazing visuals of virtual reality, many have hardly even noticed that an audio revolution is also right on our doorstep. What, you didn’t know? Let us inform you about this amazing new technology. Imagine a device that fits right into your ear, and wirelessly streams your music from your phone. What, not impressed yet? What if we said this device also reduced unwanted noise from the environment, while also amplifying wanted sounds, such as a person’s voice, so that it can be heard more clearly. Got your attention now?

The device is called the Here One, and what we’ve just mentioned is the tip of the iceberg. The little air fitted device can literally control sound in your world, to a point where you may isolate and amplify or dim anything you hear. This can be done manually, as you prefer, or a smart programme can do it for you. So, to be more specific, a plane flying overhead will no longer drown out your favourite television show. It will mute the plane, and amplify your television audio. Absolutely astonishing. Look out for it in 2017.

3.Autonomous Vehicles

Cars that drive themselves are something people have been wanting for a very long time. Yes, we would all rather be checking our emails in the morning, as opposed to having to sit in painfully dull traffic for hours. But it hasn’t really been possible to the mainstream until just recently, at least to any significant degree. 2017 is the year, it is predicted that autonomous cars will start becoming a common appearance on our roads. Assisted user driven and autonomous vehicles already exist, but currently have limited functionality.

What does the autonomous car of 2017 offer? Well, given that the vast majority of vehicle accidents are due to driver error, they potentially offer as much as a 90% drop in road fatalities. This is speculation, of course, since an automated car may still get into an accident, given the nature of our roads. But the mere thought is something that is worth celebrating. How this pans out remains to be seen, but speculation says 2017 may be the year we all start becoming safer on the roads.

4.Mobile Casinos Blossom Big Time

It’s a trend that everyone saw coming, but still one that is a welcome sight. Mobile casinos are set to expand and grow to dramatic levels in 2017. Online casinos have already been leaning in that direction, given the vast number of people already playing casino games such as online roulette on their phones and tablets, but the tipping point is predicted to be reached this year.

The quality of mobile based games is also set to rise dramatically, which is something that casino game players everywhere will celebrate. The only real question is just how good they are going to be, and what new designs developers will come up with to blow our minds. Brace yourself; your phone is about to get a whole lot more entertaining.