Top Four Hilarious Casino Adverts

The best way to get your name and your brand out there is undoubtedly to advertise, but the industry regulations of casino advertising can be really restrictive. Casinos have had to get creative when making new adverts, and some are clever, some are funny, and some stick in your head just because they are so annoying. Then again, any advertising is good advertising! Our absolute favourites, however, are the ones that make us laugh. We have picked four of our absolute favourite casino adverts for your entertainment.

1. Holland Casino

The advert for Holland Casino opens on a group of drunken sailors stumbling into a bar filled with even more sailors, though many look a little bored. All of the sailors in the bar are watching one guy who looks to only be wearing the shirt of a sailor but is clearly well on his way to one too many drinks, and dancing in the middle of the dance floor, alone. A few of the sailors eye him out, and a few start to pay more attention when he looks like he is getting seriously inappropriate with a lady patron, although it seems he is embarrassing himself more than her. Two men get up off their chairs and walk toward the drunken man. The scene cuts and you see the drunk man waking up in early morning light and peering out of a tent, the camera pans out and you realise the tent is in the middle of the ocean. A slogan pops up on screen saying (in Dutch) “Winners know when to stop”.

2. William Hill

While not necessarily the most hilarious advert, the William Hill ad is certainly the most relatable. The opening scene sees a man walk confidently onto a casino floor wearing nothing but a towel. The camera moves to a Roulette table with a man playing with his feet up on the table, and a craps table with a woman holding saucepans. It becomes quickly apparent that everyone is playing at the casino from home, in comfort and eating and drinking whatever they normally would. There really is nothing quite as good as winning at Blackjack while wearing pyjamas and drinking a toasty cup of hot chocolate on the sofa.

3. Cherokee Casino

The scene opens on your worst nightmare. You can’t help but place yourself in the shoes of the hero of the advert. A man lies in a hospital bed and his face is covered in plaster of Paris. As the nurse begins to unwrap him the people around the bed introduce themselves as his family and describe a rather terrible scenario of recovery, including a miserable looking wife, a sold kidney and a future with adult diapers. You can actually see his eyes widening in horror. As the bandage finally comes off, the whole family leans in and says “But hey, you aren’t Curtis!” The tagline is an appropriate “Do you feel lucky?”

4. Full Tilt Poker

Erik Siedel is a world-renowned professional poker player and the advert capitalises on his reputation for the perfect poker face. The opening scene is of Siedel with a wife and daughter, and both women appear fairly prim. The doorbell rings and when Erik answers it, a rather scary looking biker stands there and announces his intention to take Siedels daughter out for a date. Siedel, with completely deadpan expression, states he has no daughter. The biker asks if his wife is free. Siedel states he is single. After a moment’s hesitation, the biker asks if Siedel himself is free. We bet you didn’t see that coming!