Top 8 Most Affordable Travel Spots

Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa Source: andBeyond

I really love travelling – the different cultures, foods, art, music, architecture and more…I love it all! But if you’re like me, and you also appreciate a good bargain, there are some incredible destinations that you can go to, where sightseeing and accommodation won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Some of them are off the beaten track, but that only adds to their appeal. Here are my Top 8 spots…for now at least.

Mazatlan, Mexico

Mexico is a fantastic travel destination with a very favourable exchange rate. Whether you’re a culture vulture, an adrenaline junkie or a beach bum, you’ll find more than enough to satisfy you here. Plus, the food is awesome. If I had to pick one spot, I think I’d go for Mazatlan. It’s a real foodie paradise, with loads of incredible and affordable restaurants, and comfortable accommodation.

Cape Town, South Africa

Often cited as the most beautiful city in the world, Cape Town is, indeed, breathtaking, with its stunning mountains, beaches, forests, wineries, wildlife and people. Best of all, it’s incredibly affordable, with cheap but excellent hotels. What’s more, it’s the perfect gateway into South Africa, a remarkable country with an incredible history. Definitely a place I loved visiting, and look forward to going to again in the near future.

Santiago, Chile

Famous for its wine regions and delicious food, this wonderful South American city is charming and affordable. In my opinion, it’s another undiscovered gem that not a lot of people think to travel to, which is a pity, because it’s great. Plus, the beautiful lakeside town of Puerta Varas is not too far away – situated in Chile’s stunning lake district. If you make it your base, there is a remarkable volcano about 2 hours away, plus there are stunning waterfalls to explore, as well as scrumptious food and cakes to dine on, also.

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Marrakech, Morocco

Morocco has always captured my imagination, but for a long time I thought it was too expensive. It isn’t, in fact it’s one of the most affordable African destinations, and easily reachable from European cities like Lisbon, Madrid and Paris. Morocco has incredible sights and sounds to experience, and the city of Marrakech is a wonderful starting off point. Plus, it’s a shopper’s paradise.

Cusco, Peru

I originally intended to just pass through Cusco to get to the famous Machu Picchu, but once I got a glimpse of this colourful city, I made sure to spend a few days there. I’m so glad I did, because it’s a truly stunning spot with affordable accommodation and awesome food, plus it just oozes with culture. As for Peru itself, it’s an unforgettable country that’s well worth the visit.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Another country that flies under the radar when people think about places to visit is beautiful Georgia. This ancient European country offers not only great scenery and food, but a truly unique culture and tradition wherever you look. It’s also the birthplace of winemaking, which dates back 8 000 years. I’d only been in the city of Tbilisi for two days before I decided it was one of my favourite places in the world – the incredibly friendly people were a genuine surprise too, making my trip that much more special.

Tbilisi, Georgia
Tbilisi, Georgia Source: The Independent

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

There are 17 000 islands that make up Indonesia, so the chances are great that you’ll find something that suits your budget and travel style. I certainly did. In Raja Ampat, I stayed at a great spot right on the beach. And man, those beaches! They’re incredibly unspoilt – the perfect place to unwind and just relax. I also got to try my hand at some snorkelling and scuba diving, which was another wonderful experience.


Let’s face it, Albania is a forgotten corner of Europe, but if you’re into something off the beaten track, this is one little country you should definitely try. While the rest of the European Mediterranean coastline is packed with tourists over the summer period, Albania gives you the chance to enjoy the sights and sounds at a fraction of the cost, and with far fewer tourists. Plus, the historical sites are fascinating, from the medieval mountain town of Gjirokaster, to the ruins at Butrint. Europe is such a popular continent to visit, so it was indeed a pleasure to travel to one of its lesser known destinations.

Final Thoughts

Travelling around the world is a real privilege, but it can get pricey. Thankfully, there are countless spots to visit that are not only affordable, but beautiful and culturally interesting too. These have been just a few of my top spots. I hope you’ll give at least one of them a try. Happy travels!