Top 5 Casino War Tips

Casino War is a simple high card game, and has proven popular at online and mobile casinos all over the world. The fast-paced game started off as child’s amusement, but was adapted for play in casinos in 1993 and has really taken off since then.

Casino War relies almost entirely on chance, and you need to factor that in to playing and enjoying the game. We’ve lined up the Top 5 Casino War tips for you here.

Know the Basics

Casino War is played between you and the Dealer. Each opponent has a portion of the deck, and tables their top card. Deuces are low and Aces are high, and whoever plays the highest card takes both. When players no longer have any cards left they are out of the game.

The first thing you need to do is place your starting bet, or Ante. You then get given a face-up card, while the Dealer takes a face-down one. You win if your card is higher, simple as that.

If your card ties with the Dealer’s, you can Surrender and take half of your Ante back or chose to Declare War. If you do this you need to put up a Raise bet at the same value as your Ante and the Dealer will then burn the top 3 cards remaining in the deck. The 4th card goes to you and the 5th to the Dealer, and using the same rules as the first round it is these cards that will determine the winner of the round.

If your card is now higher than the Dealer’s you have Won the War and have your Ante returned as a Push while even money is paid out on the Raise, and if it is lower you lose everything. This means that when you Go to War you risk 2 units to win 1 – which adds a thrilling element of risk!

You can also, when you Declare War, put money on the longshot that a tie will reoccur. It’s unlikely, but with a 10:1 return it’s also very hard to resist.

Assess the Situation

For any casino game that you play, it’s a good idea to understand the probabilities and payouts before you place your bets. Once the Ante has been put down, the Casino War setup is that the House Edge is 2.88%, with the probability of winning the first round sitting at 50.27% and the probability of losing at 46.3%. This discrepancy is down to the possibility of tied cards, after which you can Go to War. The odds of losing after a War are 3.42%, which are low enough to make it the option that players almost invariably go for.

Adjust to What’s Happening

If you play at a few different casinos, as is recommended, you’re likely to find a few different variations of Casino War. You need to be able to understand these and adjust to them. This is most commonly seen in different ways to handle a tie after going to War, if players have not placed the 10:1 bet that his will happen.

Most casinos award the win to the Player in the case of a tie, but you might sometimes also get a Tie Bonus that is equal to the Ante bet. This can be a far more lucrative situation, and can influence your decision on whether or not to Go to War in the first place.

You’ll also see different games using different numbers of decks in Casino War, which can decrease your chances of a return slightly. To negate this, it’s best to choose games that offer a Tie Bonus if they use more than 1 deck of cards. Tie Bonuses are always the most lucrative, of course, but in these situations they are especially important.

Play for the Win

The Tie Bet, that a tie will result when you Go to War, is very hard to resist. It pays back an eye-watering 10:1 return, but the odds of this happening are equally large. It stands at 35.29% for a single deck of cards! This drops with every additional deck that is used, coming in at 17.83% for 8 decks.

You should only ever bet for the Tie if you really don’t care what happens to the money you put down, and are prepared to risk it for the potential rush of winning which, it has to be said, cannot be beaten. If you do, choose games that use more decks.

Know When to Stop

Casino War offers no chance to develop any kind of strategy, and our best piece of playing advice is to mix this game up with more tactical ones, for a truly rounded casino experience.