The Modern High Roller

Many players wish to one-day reach the status of a High Roller, a multi faceted term unique to gambling. A High Roller can be seen as someone rich and unafraid to spend huge amounts of money on wagering in casino games and often taking big risks, hoping for even bigger rewards.

A High Roller can be flashy and friendly or a serious player surrounded by an entourage. The term can also have negative connotations, for instance in the brick and mortar casino industry, High Rollers can also be known as “Whales” referring to the large amounts of money they can either win or lose from the casino, basically they do everything big.

In the world of online casinos however, High Rollers lose the flashiness they have on the casino floor and are simply high wager players. It is a much safer bet to be a High Roller online.

Reach The Top And Stay There

Many players don’t consider that the major benefits of being a High Roller online is that once you are at that level of high stakes gaming, it’s much easier to stay there and enjoy the perks attached to your High Roller status. This is because online casinos like Cabaret Club offer VIP loyalty programs as well as slot and casino games that have special bonus features available to high wager players only.

The High Roller And VIP Perks

Cabaret Club Casino has a tiered loyalty program that awards High Rollers with gifts, faster withdrawals of winnings, invites to VIP events and even vacations.

Being a High Roller is all about the balance between high risk and high reward. Making higher wagers mean potentially reaching the top tiers of a VIP loyalty program that provides even more rewards and savings.

The High Roller And Feature Packed Gaming

Many online casino games will reward high wagers with special features. Some games will provide you access to special bonus rounds if you make stake the maximum possible wager on each spin.

Some titles will require you to make high wagers in order to take part in special progressive jackpots. When it comes to progressive jackpots in general, most will provide players with better odds of winning the progressive jackpots if they are playing with higher wagers.

All in all, online casino play has not only made it easier and more rewarding to be a High Roller, but it has also taken away the potentially negative image attached to the High Roller lifestyle.