The Catch of a Lifetime with Reel Spinner Slots


Humans have come a long way since the days of tiny wooden rafts and rope made out of woven vines. Fishing used to mean braving an unrelenting, wild and dangerous unknown in search of food for you and your family. We just don’t see ancient Sumerians popping a few kilometres off shore with their buddies to see who could land the biggest catch of the day. No, fishing was often a matter of life and death.

While there are still plenty of people today who rely on the ocean for their food and income, your average Joe who heads out on his ten metre boat for a quick run around with the boys isn’t worried if he’s going to be able to pay the mortgage with what he catches.

It was actually in the mid sixteen hundreds that recreational fishing first got its heels dug in. The Compleat Angler, a sort of fishing guide, was first published around this time and detailed the ins and outs of fishing for fun. It was in the seventeen hundreds that recreational fishing started to become more commercialised. Budding anglers could pop down to their local haberdashers store and pick up something resembling the rod and tackle of today.

Food to Fun

Fly-fishing became quite popular in nineteenth century Britain and further cemented fishing as a leisurely sport to be enjoyed for the sake of enjoyment. In recent times, the advent of carbon fibre rods, boats capable of traveling hundreds of miles in a single day, and advanced fish and weather tracking systems have turned what was once a simple hobby into one of the more complicated and expensive endeavours the modern outdoorsman can participate in.

Lucky for us, we don’t even have to get up from our chair in order to enjoy some heart-pumping angler action. Thanks to Microgaming, we’ve got Reel Spinner – an angler themed slot that brings all of the action and adventure of fishing right to our screens.

Spinning Reels

This five reel and fifteen payline slot from Microgaming is sure to please any fan of the sport. When loading in, the player is greeted by the serene calm of the open ocean. Alright, so the ocean isn’t always serene and calm, but it is on this fishing day! Blue skies and puffy white clouds dot the horizon, as you get ready to drop a line.

As any angler will tell you, the type of fishing and excitement of the catch is all dependent on the species you’re after. It’s not too often a fisherman will make the catch of a lifetime by accident. You don’t pull in a record Marlin when you’re fishing for Mullet. With that in mind, players will be happy to see the wide variety of fish species that feature in Reel Spinner.

The keen eyed angler will recognise the gulf red snapper, the sharp-toothed barracuda, the strikingly coloured dolphin fish, the strong and sleek yellow fin tuna and the graceful flying fish. Other symbols include implements of the trade including the boat throttle, rod and reel, compass, and fishing boat. But players really need to be on the lookout for is the mighty swordfish that serves as the scatter symbol.

Manage to land at least three of them and you’ll be brought to a mini game. Pick the right boat to unlock the max number of free spins. Click the reel when it appears to reveal up to a five times multiplier.

Are you ready to hit the high seas? Just be sure to take a picture of your big catch. The last thing the world needs is another fishy tale!