Technology’s Influence On Online Casinos

technology's influence on online casinoI remember when I was a teenager. My father brought home a 540k modem, which, to those unfamiliar, was what was required to surf the Internet back in the day. It first took me the better part of a month to get the thing to work, because, wrap your head around this young people; I couldn’t Google how to do it.

I could have just Googled it on my phone, I hear you say? Oh shut your mouth, youngsters. Back in my day I had to shoot one woolly mammoth in the face before breakfast, just to prevent it from getting into the crops. And no, cell phones did not exist.

Once I finally got the modem working, I recall I wanted to download a 40-megabyte file. And, I swear I’m not exaggerating, I started it before I went to bed, woke up in the morning, and it was not yet done. Are we all laughing? I wasn’t at the time, I promise you that.

And this brings me to my topic. Online casinos are only possible due to the incredible advancements in Internet technology. I would currently get annoyed if downloading a 40 megabyte file took longer than a few seconds, and good thing; since online casinos are based squarely on this speedy transfer of information.

Faster Speeds Mean Better Games

My current Internet is not anywhere near the fastest that is available. I’m aware that there are connection speeds at least ten times as fast as mine, which blows my brain right out the back of my head. At my current speed I can comfortably stream HD movies, and that really is all I ask for. Sure, downloading a big game takes a few hours, but let us never forget my traumatic Internet past as a teenager. I try not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

And yet, Internet speeds are set only to increase. Of course as these speeds get faster, so the industries based around them will also improve. Namely; online casinos. At present online casinos are designed to be as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. This means taking into account people who are still reliant on 4 megabit per second connections. So, although online casino games already look pretty good, they could look a great deal better. And you can bet they will, sooner rather than later.

As broadband connections become more widely common, casino games will surely up their game to take advantage.

 Better Hardware For Everyone

But it isn’t just the speed of the connection that matters. The hardware supporting the connection also matters. That is to say; a fast Internet connection on a ten-year-old computer won’t be doing anyone any good, as far as the quality of online casino games is concerned. Or a smartphone, for that matter, or tablet, or whatever else a person happens to be playing on.

One of the most incredible things about technology is how its price fluctuates, as it advances. A person can pick up an HD television for next to nothing these days, in massive contrast in the kidney you’d have to hand over to buy one just a few years ago. And so, as technology hurtles forward it largely becomes accessible to just about everyone. Expensive today is cheap tomorrow, and so the various leaps forward in technology filter down to the masses.

And, once again, online casino games are designed to be accessible to everyone. As the standard hardware owned by the average person grows in power and capability, so casino games will adapt to fit this range.

VR – The Future Is Here

With all that being said, many still have their eye, somewhat cautiously, on VR technology. What with the rather dismal failure of home 3D technology, VR still sits in a sort of limbo zone. Will it succeed and become common? Will it slip slowly into the shadows like 3D? Who can really tell?

One thing is for sure though; many online casino developers have already made commitments to designing VR casino games. So either way, they are going to exist. The only real question is; just how many people are actually going to be playing them?

As it stands VR is still an expensive technology, and there are very few in the world willing to put down such enormous sums of cash for what is essentially a glorified video game accessory. At least for the moment. The big question is to when, and if, it will ever become affordable enough to filter down to the masses. If it does, you can be sure that practically every online casino will have a mind to adopt VR comparability, and wouldn’t that be a truly amazing thing to see happen?

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