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Destination Morocco

When it comes to being a tourist, one of the biggest challenges is deciding on where next to jet off to. There are so many countries flashing their seductive wares, all offering truly breath taking experiences. Hence; just settling on a location can be a challenge all of its own.

Are you up for a true rugged adventure in Africa, or perhaps keener on a luxury location somewhere in the heart of Europe? It really is a matter of preference, and just what your heart is telling you is right.

So with all this eye flashing and temptation flying around, how does one even go about making a final decision? This look at Morocco might be exactly what you need to decide where to go next. At least that is, if some of the best food in the world, and scenic beauty second to none are things that appeal to you. Let’s be honest, whom does it not appeal to?

Here are some of the highlights that a trip to Morocco offers…

The Sublime Sahara Desert

The Sublime Sahara Desert
Source: Oddizzi

If you’ve seen Laurence Of Arabia (and who hasn’t?) you’ll know that deserts really are about much more than simply experiencing a complete lack of scenery in general. Deserts are one of the true marvels of the planet, and contrary to popular belief, offer an incredible opportunity to see a side of the world you probably didn’t fully grasp, until looking at it with your own eyes. Many say that visiting a desert is like taking a trip to another world, and they aren’t wrong. The Sahara Desert is famous for a reason. It’s a stark wonderland that has to be seen to be believed.

The Spectacular Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque
Source: Air France

Mosques in general are an impressive sight, and the Hassan II is one of the most impressive in the world. Offering architecture so immense in scale that it almost defies belief; there are few locations in the world that offer such a raw humbling experience. You may wish to visit on Sunday morning, when locals attend prayer, bringing the whole incredible scene to life in a way that is guaranteed to take your breath away.

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Marvel at the Majorelle Garden

Majorelle Garden
Source: The Holiday Place

From one form of breath taking beauty to another, the Majorelle Garden has been referred to as a masterpiece of design. Combining the cultural beauty of the country with a pristine collection of exotic plants, you could get lost in the garden for hours, without feeling as if more than a moment has passed. Plus, the Berber Museum is likewise housed in the garden, providing a deeper cultural journey for those who wish it.

Magical Medina

Magical Medina
Source: A World to Travel

The Medina is what a person expects when visiting Morocco, based on popular media. Which is to say; it is a market place navigated via narrow streets, offering everything and anything you could possibly imagine. From pristine slippers and leather bags, to freshly baked bread and stunning jewellery, every corner turned offers a new glimpse into a truly stunning array of possibilities. Don’t forget that many of the items are also genuine, handmade products of the locals.

The Thrill of El Bahia Palace

El Bahia Palace
Source: kbob.org

Last on the list, but one of the most popular destinations in Marrakesh, El Bahia Palace is a truly once in a lifetime experience. The sheer amount of incredible craftsmanship on display is enough to make a tourist simply sit back and stare in awe.

Astonishing details can be seen in every corner of this utterly jaw-dropping architectural wonder, and this isn’t even mentioning the exterior gardens, which transform plant life into artwork. If one thing should not be forgotten upon visiting this marvel, it’s that looking up at the ceilings is a reward of its own, given that each is a dazzling display that may well have you asking yourself how it was even possible.

Does Morocco sound good to you? Bear in mind this is just a taste of what this North African gem has to offer, so we suggest you book your trip!