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The Benefits of Being Good Looking

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Do you remember ever being told that it doesn’t matter how attractive you are – or not – on the outside and that it was the inside that counts? Well, that may well be the case but it doesn’t mean that good looking people don’t enjoy certain advantages in life. Of course, being attractive in the physical sense of the word may well mean that you enjoy a skin-deep level of attraction from other people. Does it help in other ways? Surely good looking people don’t have it all their own way? In fact, according to numerous reports and research programmes from around the world, attractive looking people do gain certain life chances that the rest of us, well, don’t. What are these advantages that attractive people enjoy and what are the drivers for them?

Good Looking People Are Clever

According to research conducted at an American university, people who consider themselves to be above average in the looks department will also be that bit more brainy. It works like this – attractiveness in people’s physical appearance often comes down to how symmetrical they are. If you show people a mirror image of a face split down the centre line, then you are, in effect, looking at a perfectly symmetrical version of a person. Nine times out of ten people prefer a symmetrical image than the real thing. We seem to think it is more attractive because there are fewer facial defects that we can notice. The study, which took place at the University of New Mexico, found that people with naturally occurring greater symmetry were not just deemed to be better looking but performed better academically, too. One theory suggests that more symmetrical people had less difficult births on average which means that their brains and their bodies were able to develop unimpeded, making them both prettier and cleverer!

Attractive People Get More Job Opportunities

It is fair to say that you still have to be qualified to get a job. What’s more, you won’t be hired for a role in an organisation simply because you are good looking if someone else is up for the same position with more experience. That said, research has shown that attractive people are more likely to be offered a job over other candidates so long as there is no other determining factor. In other words, if you have the same experience and skills as another person but you are better looking, then you are probably going to be able to get your foot in the door ahead of them. Bear in mind, however, that this rule does not appear to apply uniformly. Women only benefit by being better looking if it is a non-managerial role they are seeking regardless, it seems, of the gender of the person hiring.

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Good Looking People See More Loyalty

For attractive people who are in a senior position at the workplace there is another benefit. Handsome men and pretty ladies who are in managerial or executive roles tend to see more loyalty from those beneath them in a company hierarchy. This is called a political edge and it tends to work regardless of where in the world you happen to be employed. Some political parties know about this human trait and, as a result, try to select good looking candidates for their campaigns.

Attractive People Tend to Be More Confident

Sometimes appearances can be deceiving. Just because you are good looking does not mean your are more confident in life. Nor do less attractive people necessarily suffer from under-confidence. However, research has been conducted into how likely someone is to stand up for themselves for a perceived slight. In psychological experiments it has been found that people who considered themselves to be good looking were less intimidated by a group dynamic and would complain or address an issue of unfairness more often and more vehemently than those who did not.