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Hancock’s Top Tunes

Hancock’s Top Tunes
Source: Fanpop

Some superheroes have comic books written about them, others have movies made in their honour. Hancock is one of them. Not your typical superhero, he manages to create havoc wherever he goes, saving lives, but destroying pretty much everything else in sight. With no memory of his true identity, he bums around for about 80 years before getting answers to the questions he has about his past. One thing’s for certain, the 3000-year old superhero is not popular with the public. Could his top 10 playlist be the window to his soul that could set the record straight about his actions?

Insane in the Brain – Cypress Hill

Is he loco, whacky, a certifiable nut job? When we first meet Hancock, the answer is a resounding YES! Even he would agree. I mean, who’d choose to be drunk 24/7 and sleep on a park bench when you had crazy superhuman powers making you faster than the speed of light and strong enough to break a planet with one punch?

The Prodigy – Firestarter

Calling a superhero an a$$h@#& is clearly not the way to go. Especially if you’re a criminal. Just ask Hancock – and the said offender!

It’s Like That – RUN-DMC, featuring Jason Nevins

Is Hancock a cynic? You bet your lycra supersuit he is! Will his actions help anybody in the long run? Probably not, or at least, that’s what he thinks. The public is privy to this, and doesn’t respect him as a result. A superhero hated by society? Now that’s a first…or is it?

Lose Yourself – Eminem

While we all know that when Eminem wrote the lyrics to this powerful track, he was referring to himself. Truth is, he might as well have written it about Hancock. And boy, does our superhero lose himself, over and over again…

Things that make you go HMMM – C+C Music Factory

There are two ways to look at this track. Would this be his pessimistic view of the world? Or… is this how the world views him? Either way, good choice Hancock. If anything, it’s catchy. After all, we’re ALL just ‘a squirrel, trying to get a nut’, right?!

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Hot in Herre – Nelly

Who said superheroes don’t want to get with the honeys? Remove the shabby clothes, sober him up and you’ve got yourself a pretty fly guy. Would Hancock have game? Does Superman fly? One look at his former wife is proof enough.

The Power – Snap

Okay, so he saves lives because he has to. And he causes chaos during every display of his superpowers. BUT… nobody can stop him. He’s Hancock, and he’s got the power!

We’re not Gonna Take It – Twisted Sister

Nobody tells Hancock how to live his life – not the public, not the police, not even his mom (if he could only remember his past). Rock on Twisted Sister, you’ve certainly got our anti-hero’s mood summarised with your lyrics, drum beats and epic guitar riffs.

Bullet in the Head – Rage Against the Machine

Conform to what society expects of you – not Hancock! As distrustful of the powers-that-be as they get, he questions everything. His hostile behaviour is of course also his worst enemy, contributing to his poor public image. Oh the rage!

It’s not Unusual – Tom Jones

Well, well, well… colour me blue and call me a Smurf, but did we just discover Hancock’s cheesy side? Could he possibly crack a smile, tap his toes and wildly swing his arms about when the crooner’s classic starts blaring? We’ll just leave this track right here…