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8 Good Luck Charms From Around The World

rainbow in a field
rainbow in a field
Source: Unsplash

Luck always plays a key role in every great story all throughout the world. In order to write your own, keep Lady Luck on your side by carrying a good luck charm. Which charm will you choose to hold on to when playing a round of poker or roulette on Cabaret Club online casino?

1. Rabbit’s Foot

A universally-known symbol, the rabbit’s foot originated as a good luck charm for the Celts. Their belief was that rabbits had a special connection with the spirits of the underworld due to them burrowing deep underground. For the foot to bring luck in North America it must be the left back foot of a rabbit killed in a cemetery under a new moon. Of course, fake rabbit’s feet work just as well as real ones!

2. Four-Leaf Clover

An Irish good luck charm, the four-leaf clover’s leaves symbolize luck, faith, hope, and love. The Celts believed that carrying one would help them see fairies and avoid their mischievous tricks. The odds of finding one is 1 in 10,000, so if you do find one, you are lucky indeed! Another legend says the four-leaf clover is a piece of the Garden of Eden or Paradise.

3. Horseshoe

A common good luck symbol in the United States, the horseshoe is hung over your home’s door to bring luck and protection. Make sure you hang it with the open end up though, or all the good luck captured will fall out! The good luck powers of a horseshoe are said to come from Saint Dunstan, a blacksmith who put a horseshoe on the devil’s hoof when the latter came to get his horses shod. The blacksmith only agreed to remove the painful shoe when the devil agreed to never enter a home with a horseshoe hung over the door. The fact that horseshoes are made with iron also made them ideal to keep fairies away as iron is fatal to the fey.

4. Dragons

In Western mythologies, dragons are often viewed as evil destructive creatures. However, in Feng Shui philosophy and Chinese folklore dragons are the most important and powerful symbol. Temples and shrines are found throughout China to honor these symbols of protection and success. They particularly are said to have control over water and bring harmony. The Dragon King is said to have had nine sons and they are used to decorate different items based on their nature. Nine is also a very special number in China as it is the number of the heaven and of the emperor.

ladybugs and dice
Source: Pixapay

5. Lucky Dice

Since dice are used to play many games in which chance is needed, it isn’t surprising that they are a good luck symbol. There are even people today who have a pair of fuzzy dice on their car’s rearview mirror. This tradition only dates from 1959 though and comes from a tradition among World War II fighter pilots who would carry charms such as cards and dice along with them during their missions. They hoped that these items they played with in their down-time would bring them safely home.

6. Ladybugs

Ladybugs gained their status as a good luck symbol thanks to farmers. These little beetles protect crops from destructive insects such as aphids. When a ladybug lands on you she brings good luck with her. The number of spots and the stronger the color red on a ladybug, the luckier she is considered to be. In Belgium, a ladybug crawling across an unmarried girl’s hand means she will get married soon. The German word for ladybug “Glueckskaefer” literally translates to “lucky bugs.”

7. Goldfish

Feng Shui philosophy says that goldfish attract luck and prosperity. They are also one of the eight sacred symbols of Buddha, representing fertility, abundance, and harmony. Beginning in the Song dynasty (960-1279) goldfish were bred domestically before being introduced to Japan and Europe in the 17th century. Due to their metallic scales, they were highly regarded, and a tradition sprang up in which they were given by men to their wives on their first anniversary to symbolize the prosperous years to come.

8. Rainbows

Rainbows have been a powerful symbol in mythologies throughout history. Christians know it as the covenant God made to never again use a flood to destroy the world. The Norse had the rainbow bridge Bifröst that connected Midgard (Earth) to Asgard (the realm of the gods). It is the Irish legend of leprechauns hiding their pots of gold at the end of rainbows that is most commonly associated with rainbows being a good luck charm today.

Leading Ladies That Love Casino Games

Leading Ladies gambling
Source: Poker Mate

Gambling as a form of entertainment has become more popular as it has become less taboo. Still it seems even with the rise in women gamblers they still seem to fly under the radar. A quick Internet search for celebrity gamblers will give you a plethora of articles about Hollywood’s male A-listers and their favourite game of odds, but the ladies? Here are some leading ladies who are pretty good at the games.

Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth
Source: Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Poker

Shannon Elizabeth Fadal is most recognisable as Nadia in the movie American Pie . She is a well-known actress and model, and also a leading poker player. Said to be a regular Las Vegas visitor, she has competed in several professional competitions and she calls playing poker her second career. A passionate environmentalist and animal rights activist we wonder if that’s what she uses her winnings for. Adopting turkeys?

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson
Source: IMS Vintage Photos

Once one of the biggest leading ladies of the silver screen, Anderson was rumoured to have paid off gambling debts with sexual favours. We assume it’s safe to say that Pamela enjoys a game or three from time to time. Pam’s biggest known loss is in the region of $250,000. When she isn’t playing slots or Poker you can find her supporting PETA or involved with her foundation, through which supports vulnerable people and animals.

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Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon Poker
Source: cultbox.co.uk

You will recognise her from That 70s Show and as the producer of Hollywood Hold’em. This lady really enjoys casino games, and she is good. Laura is a regular player at high stakes games in Hollywood and has won her fair share of cash both privately and for numerous charities. She says she plays to relax and to “show the boys a thing or two”.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Roulette
Source: Global Gift Foundation

Eva has been holding the Celebrity Casino Night  for 10 years running, most recently in San Antonio. The funds raised from these events go to supporting Eva’s Heroes, a foundation which enriches the lives of individuals with intellectual needs. She has hosted themed casino nights including Monaco Magic and 2017s Fire and Ice. Eva can be seen at the tables playing a game or two herself.

Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly
Source: CardsChat

Academy Award Nominee and winner of a World Series of Poker bracelet, Jennifer is most well known for her role as Olive in Bullets over Broadway (and as the Bride of Chucky!). No longer a regular on the big screen, you may be surprised to know that when she is not doing voice overs in Monsters Inc. and Family Guy, Tilly is cleaning up at the tables. She has won the CardPlayer Best Celebrity Player of the Year, the WPT Cup, and is a WSOP bracelet winner.

It seems that when the leading ladies get to play, they do so with flair and a thought for charity, but they definitely play it close to the chest. So, it’s not that surprising that we don’t see more about them in the news.

How to Make Your Casino Budget Stretch

Casino Budget
Source: Pexels

A good session at a casino is a fine balance between the excitement of winning, hope that your last loss won’t mean the end of play, and getting a decent amount of time at the tables or slots. That’s entertainment at its best, and running out of funds can put a real damper on your day. To help you out we’ve drawn up some tips on how to manage a casino budget for losses and ensure you get maximum entertainment for your money.

  • Set a Loss Limit

Only play with the amount you have set aside for this purpose. As a new player it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all, and why not? That’s why you are playing. Setting a maximum loss will stop you from falling into the trap of believing that the next bet will turn things around. This is true for your winnings as well. It’s a great feeling when you win and one of the many reasons to play. Decide in advance whether you want to walk away with any winnings or a percentage of them. If not, play away.

  • Pick Your Poison

Once you have set your budget you need to choose your games accordingly. If your budget is relatively small, choose games where you can bet smaller denominations. There’s no point in joining a game where the buy in or minimum bet is as much as your entire budget. Choose something that reflects the funds you have at your disposal. When you win you can join a higher stakes games. This will ensure that you get a reasonable number of wins, losses and playing time to make your session enjoyable.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

Choose to play games you know and that require a little bit of thought. If you play a game, you have no experience in; it is just about guaranteed that you will lose your money way before you have had your fill of entertainment. So, practice first.

  • Play for Fun

To extend your playtime and really get the most out your session, slow down! It’s not a race; you are there to have fun. If fun is not the point, then you should leave. It is never a clever idea to gamble for any reason other than entertainment. Get your head right. If you play for any other reason you are going to be disappointed. Sure, there are people who make a living gambling, but if you were one of them you wouldn’t still be reading this.

  • Don’t Drink And Play

This one may seem obvious and its good advice when going into any situation that requires us to have all our faculties in tiptop shape. Losing your inhibitions and throwing money around like you are a Mob boss can only lead to tears. When it’s time to order your martini or whatever mob bosses drink, log out or walk away.

Gambling is good fun and depending on your preference you can log on for a quickie or make a day of it. But, be sensible; don’t leave your head behind, and always manage your casino budget.