Strange Casino Facts

From Poker Player to President

Richard Millhouse Nixon honed his skills at cards during World War 2, while in the US Navy, and later used his winnings to fund much of his election campaign. He quit fleecing fellow players in 1952, realising that the image of a professional card player might not sit with well the voting public. As he was elected the 37th president of the United States of America, his plan clearly worked, but it may have been his biggest bluff yet, as he continued to enjoy a quiet game of poker whenever he had the chance.

Each King in a Deck of Cards Represents an Historical Figure

This is a hangover from the time when a deck of cards represented a significant, hand-printed investment, and when “manufactured” ironically meant made by hand. In fact, at one time all of the royals were personified, with the standard depictions eventually settling on Charlemagne (Hearts), David (Spades), Julius Caesar (Diamonds) and Alexander the Great (Clubs). The fact that Charlemagne is usually depicted with his sword seemingly stuck through his head has also earned this card the title of the Suicide King.

Roulette is The Devil’s Game!

It’s easy to sympathise with this view if the game has not been going your way for a while, but the simple fact that the numbers on the wheel do add up to 666, the Biblical number of The Beast, doesn’t necessarily carry occult overtones. Some suggest that this is simply an urban myth, although one that is easily verified or disproved. Depending on whether it follows the European or American standard, a roulette wheel is marked from 0 to 36, the latter also having a double-0 slot, which boosts the house odds somewhat. The inventor of the game was in fact the French philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal, he of the Triangle, who is also commemorated in the name given to the unit of pressure of a gas.

Confident? You Bet your Wife!

This wager was in fact placed in a poker game between two Russian players in 2007, with Mrs Tatiana Karpov being thrown, metaphorically, into the pot. Unsure of how to raise to that, opponent Sergey Brodov did not call the bet, although he did later marry the lady when her marriage, unsurprisingly, came to an end.

You don’t have to bet your wife, or run for president to enjoy casino games online, but these fun facts will certainly keep you smiling as you try your hand at winning big.