The Story of Gambling in China

With gambling forming such a huge part of our entertainment these days, you’ll more than likely picture a beautifully designed online casino or some attractive online casino games with winning combinations that get the heart racing. But have you ever thought about where it all started?

There is a lot of speculation about where gambling originally started, but one thing is for sure – gambling has been providing a thrilling source of entertainment for an exceptionally long time, with many believing China was the country to thank for it.

Earliest Signs of Gambling

While the exact year is unclear, there are a large number of instances that indicate gambling in fact began in Ancient China as a means of entertainment, somewhere around 2300 BC.

However, there is also other evidence that suggests that gambling first surfaced in Egypt long before that, with Ivory dice that were found said to be dated as far back as 1500 BC. What’s more, there are a number of tablets that were discovered in the ever-famous pyramids in Giza display writings that mention gambling.

Where It All Began

A part of gambling history that we can be certain of, Ancient China invented Cards after they began making paper and eventually started developing paper money.

Not long after creating paper money, this ancient civilisation discovered how to shuffle it, which basically gave rise to the shuffling of playing cards.

Ancient Keno

While not the official name for it, ancient Keno is a game that proved to be very popular in China at that time, which was over 2000 years ago.

In fact, there are certain findings that suggest that the game was actually referred to as White Pigeon Ticket, as well as the fact that China created the very first card games that had human forms on the decoration.

Popular Games’ Origin

Again, the specifics are not exactly clear, but there is indication that the basis of a number of today’s most popular casino table games, like Poker and Blackjack, originated in China.

Other well-known games include Mahjong, Wei-Qi, a domino game known as Xuan He Pai and Yue Har Hi. In fact, Xuan He Pai and another card game called Ma Diao Pai are said to have been the basis for Mahjong, which is a very popular game today.

Gambling in China Today

Nowadays, gambling is not seen in the bad light that it has been cast under in the past, allowing it to become an extremely popular form of entertainment in a large number of regions around the world, and China is the furthest thing from an exception.

Social gambling in China, typically in the form of Mahjong, is common and this has essentially brought about an increase in popularity with regards to public lottery games. While a number of forms of betting have become well liked, Macau is actually the only place that offers legal gambling.

Gambling Capital of the World

One thing that makes it easy to believe that the wonderful world of casino gaming was born in China lies in the fact that Macau is now known as the gambling capital of the world, booting Las Vegas into second place.

Today, you are able to visit the biggest casino gaming city the world has ever seen and enjoy an array of betting opportunities that range from sports betting and lotteries to popular casino games, like online slot games, roulette, poker, blackjack, Sic bo and baccarat. What’s more, you’ll have more than enough options, with a brick and mortar casino for each square kilometre!