How Smartphones Have Changed Gambling Habits

In the 1990s, the online Internet explosion changed the way we interact with the world forever. Now mobile technology is doing the same, at an even faster rate. Statistics show that the mobile revolution is much more rapidly-evolving than its online predecessor.

As smartphones are able to perform more functions, and perform them better, they are an increasingly large and seamless part of our lives. Being able to access everything, at all times, is key to being able to do it all, as the modern world expects of us. And this is just as true for gambling as it is for everything else.

Mobile Games’ Improvements

There was a time when playing a mobile casino game was only for extreme situations, when online access was simply impossible. There were not as many games or banking options to choose from, and the quality of the games was often inferior. But the powerful smartphones of today are able to produce mobile experiences that are equal to online casinos.

Games have been especially adapted to suit the size and power of mobile phones, so playing is always smooth and graphics are always superb. It’s even possible to play immersive live dealer games on your smartphone. A much wider selection of banking and customer support options also makes playing at mobile casinos simpler and easier.

The Convenience Factor

Being able to gamble anytime and anywhere means people do it more, just because they can. Games such as Bingo, Keno, slots and other instant games are very popular when players are short on time, and are grabbing a few moments of action between appointments. Longer, more thoughtful games like Poker are just as widespread, however; mobile games are such high-quality today that many players actually use them as their primary platform. The caliber of the games plus the convenience of playing them everywhere, even from in bed, makes them perfect for players who are busy and on the go or who are relaxing.

Social Networks Getting Involved

Social casinos and even real-money games like Facebook’s Bingo Friendzy brought casinos into social networking sites some time ago, and now they are making their way into messaging apps. It’s already possible to place bets from within Facebook on Paddy Power, and more bookmakers are expected to follow suit in the near future.

Being able to chat in messenger apps while playing and betting blurs the lines between the physical and technological worlds even more. The social aspect of gambling activities makes them a lot more fun for players too, and has also contributed to the massive growth in the industry.

People View Gambling Differently

Having casinos at your fingertips somehow feels more casual and everyday than playing on a desktop does, and certainly much more than playing in a land-based establishment does. In a nutshell, the high quality and convenience of mobile casino games mean that they are deemed more socially acceptable and are played much more often.

Because mobile games are not seen as the same as online games, the threat of mobile gambling problems may be overlooked. But there are specific studies that identify them as a strong risk factor; one, for example, found that the schedules of psychological reinforcement in gambling match the way most people use smartphones, making them a prime target for excessive reinforcement.

Increased access means increased problem gambling risks as well as increased benefits, and casino players need to be aware of that. Mobile games have allowed us to play more, in more places. It is our responsibility to do so wisely.