Simple Casino Game Strategies Explained

There are no casino games that don’t have some sort of strategy guide attached. And, anyone who knows anything about casino games knows that consulting a strategy guide is the smart thing to do. After all, you wouldn’t try fixing your car as an amateur, without some sort of reference book, would you? Or, maybe you would, and you’re the kind of person who likes to claim they know how things worked, based on nothing but the power of presumption alone. In which case, don’t come crying to me when your car lands up exploding when the ignition is turned. I’ll hand you a tissue and ask you if you read the manual, then take the tissue away when you said no.

So, it helps to have a casino game betting strategy guide. The problem is, I’ve found, that the strategy guides for many casino games can be as thick and easy to penetrate as phone directories. This stands to reason, given that some casino games are extremely complicated. Blackjack, for example, is one of the most deceptively complicated casino games I’ve ever had the misfortune of trying to fully understand. Trying to properly understand a blackjack strategy guide, and not just follow the instructions, had my head spinning.

As such, I decided it would be a good idea to try writing up a basic strategy guide, helping those who are eager to get better at casino games, but not willing to read a phone directory, for a bit of assistance.

What You Aim To Achieve

I find that many strategy guides really do tend to skip the basics, which doesn’t help at all when you are trying to grasp the core concept of the strategy itself. So, I personally find it helps a great deal to ask the question; “What am I supposed to be achieving with this strategy?” And the answer isn’t a very difficult one, but forgive me for thinking it’s a great place to start.

Call it obvious, but the strategy you should approach all casino games with is leaving the game with more money than when you arrived. But if you’re hoping to walk away with a huge amount more, you’re probably barking up the wrong tree. Walking away with 30% more than when you started is a pretty good goal, and I’d call it the smart approach. So there you have it, your goal in your favourite casino game is to walk away with 30% more than when you started. It’s as easy as that. Work it out, and stick to it.

So what if your very first bet earns you 30% more? Well, good work, you’re a winner. Walk away. Now you’re becoming a casino game professional.

A Slow Build

But, if you’re betting smart, earning that 30% will probably take a bit of work, and that’s where a strategy guide really earns it’s stripes. Generally, a single bet probably wont earn that 30%, at least if you’re betting smart. Any bet you place should not be more than 10% of your total bank, regardless of how big that bank is. It doesn’t matter if you’re going in with a little chunk of change, your maximum betting amount should be no more than 10%.

Why? Because no one bet should break the bank. It’s obvious, but worth saying over and over. Earning money in a casino games is a slow build. Making big bets is tempting, and also fun, but earning money at casino games the smart way is always going to be done over time. 10% is your betting limit, stick to it, and when you hit that 30%, walk away.

Spread Your Risk

With sticking to a betting limit comes the core idea of spreading out your risk. In a game like roulette, spreading your bets around is the best way to limit the potential loss as much as possible. If one bet fails, another may succeed, and if all succeed, the profit is good. But, importantly, each of the bets placed should be enough to mostly cover the losses of the whole round.

Putting all your eggs in one basked is never a smart thing to do, especially if you’re a farmer who earns his living from eggs, and more so where casino games are concerned. In poker, betting your whole pot on a single hand isn’t smart, regardless of what movies tell you about going all in. In roulette, putting all your chips on one bet is not wise. And in blackjack, sticking on a low number is almost always smarter than hitting, in the hopes of nailing the 21.

Don’t Chase Losses

Have you ever watched a friend chase after an ex, despairing at the fact that you know the person is putting energy into a lost cause, and only making the situation worse? The same goes for casino games. Chasing lost money with more money is folly, and sure to end in tears. The best approach is to write the ex off, and sign up with Tinder ASAP. And in casino games, writing off a loss is equally as important.

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