Why The RNG Is My Best Friend

You know what makes any experience better? Random and unknown results. Or at least this is the case with things where randomness and unknown results are welcomed. Which, when you get right down to it, isn’t actually as many things as you might imagine. Come to think of it, humans tend to rather detest randomness and unknown results. In fact, it goes against just about everything we hold dear to our hearts. Humans thrive on predictable and known results, and save random for things like theme park rides, gambling, and just about nothing else.

You might think I’m exaggerating, and proudly declare that you love random and unknown results, but I would counter that statement very simply by saying you’re wrong. Even when things like movies have plot twists, the only reason the plot twists works is as a gimmick, going against the expected and accepted formula. A plot twist is a plot twist because it dares to deviate from what is expected. Or, dares to add an element of unpredictability. The whole rest of the plot will stick strictly to what is expected of a film plot. See what I’m saying?

So why am I rattling on about randomness and unpredictability? Well, because the RNG is a very big part of gambling, and I love gambling. So, the two things were bound to collide at some point.

Let’s talk about how I learned to love the RNG in casino games.

Random Numbers, Chaos, And Panic

What is RNG, I hear you ask. RNG stands for random number generator, and is a core part of virtually all online casino games. In slot games RNG determines how the reels will spin, and which symbols will land up in the play area. In online card games RNG determines how the decks are shuffled, and which cards land up where. And, of course, in online roulette games RNG determines where the white ball will land. So, needless to say, without the reality of RNG, online casino games could not exist.

The first thing to grasp, and fully understand, is that RNG in computers truly is random. But I mean, honestly and truly random, which many people fail to understand. Here’s a little thought experiment for you. Back when the iPod first became popular, the shuffle option played available music with true RNG, completely randomly. But people began to complain. It wasn’t random enough, they said, since in some cases songs would land up playing in their original order, two or three at a time. Of course, truly random means that this will happen from time to time. But, in order to placate these people, the shuffle option in iPods was reprogrammed to avoid songs ever playing in sequence. In other words; it was made less random.

What can we learn from this? That truly random is something that humans don’t much care for.

Loving RNG For What It Is

Casino games, on the other hand, as already said, use true RNG. And, as one would expect, true RNG is an unpredictable and crazy thing. Humans look for patterns, they are wired to do so, but an RNG will snort right in the face of our notions of patterns, and blow our little minds over and over again. Anomalies like gambler’s fallacy, and reverse gambler’s fallacy, exist due to the need for there to be patterns. But there aren’t. Not in online casino games.

Instead, a person has to accept that true RNG cannot be tamed, reasoned with, or even convinced into being more reliable with treats and praise. It is pure random, or, to put it another way, true chaos. And, in this established human world of ours, true chaos is a rare thing. Especially where technology is concerned. In fact, the mere notion that RNG exists goes against everything that technology is designed to be. And that deserves respect. No, that demands respect. And a person can either decide to live it, and work with it, or fall victim to its nature.

Don’t Tame It, Roll With It

So, trying to reason with chaos, and tame it, is about as effective as trying to convince the ocean to be more forgiving by giving it a bowl of milk, and scratching it’s belly. Which is to say, not that effective at all. Instead, a smart person will grab a surfboard, glide across the waves, and work up a wicked surfer tan while they’re at it. Which, in turn, will impress the girls, resulting in everyone smiling and going home happy.

That is to say; you cannot tame the RNG in casino games, only adjust your strategy to accommodate it. And let’s be honest, casino games would not be half as popular as they are, or half as fun, if this were not the case. Grab your surfboard and glide across those waves, since the only other option is getting face planted on the beach. And that, my friend, impresses not a single girl on the beach. Ever.

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