Rather Play Online Than Go To Vegas

You know what never gets old? Movies about a group of ragtag, fun loving youngsters heading out to Vegas for a night of reckless partying, only to land up involved in all sorts of hilarious, unexpected hi-jinx. One of the team will surely get indebted to a casino overlord, and have to undertake some impossible hilarious task to clear the debt, usually involving a showgirl, or a showgirl outfit at the least, because that’s how casinos work in a logical world.

Another of the characters will land up married to a stripper or prostitute, because getting married to a stripper or prostitute flies in the face of the characters otherwise very subdued and uptight nature. And, lord above, how viewers will laugh at the scene involving a dozen Elvis impersonators doing something wacky. Elvis impersonators are still a thing, right?

Okay, I lied, it does get old. We are all aware of the reputation Vegas has, the motto “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” and the concept that hanging out the top of a limousine with a bottle of champagne clutched in one hand screams reckless abandon. These are all things synonymous with the reputation of Vegas, and I’m just going to come right out and say it; I really want in on my own personal adventure on hi-jinx. But, is that really what Vegas is all about?

Who Is Vegas For?

I did a bit of research, and I have a little bit of information I’d like to share, which may just make you go: “Huh?” Here it is; the vast majority of visitors to Las Vegas are over the age of fifty. Did you go “huh?” Because I sure did when I read that. Not once in any of those movies involving wacky hi-jinx in Vegas did I ever see swarms of fifty-year-old tourists cruising around. Just to be clear, of course, I have nothing against tourists. It’s just not the image I had of Vegas.

Upon learning this fact, I had to sit back and think hard about just what Vegas really is, who it is supposed to be appealing to, and who is actually going there. And, upon further research, I came to the rather startling realisation, for me at least, that Vegas isn’t even what I thought it was. Perhaps the idea of “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is a little old fashioned, and the place has evolved and changed since then. Because, as far as I can tell, Vegas is a great big tourist trap out in the desert, offering expensive gourmet foods and live shows to fifty-something tourists. Again, nothing wrong with that, but again, “huh?”

Now, if you’re rolling your eyes at me because I had some dated notion of Las Vegas, forgive me. I got my impression from movies, which I suppose isn’t a great place to form any ideas about real world things. But it turns out that I wouldn’t really much care for a visit to Vegas.

I’d Rather Gamble At Home

The only reason I’d ever wanted to go to Vegas in the first place was to experience what I had assumed to be the heart of the gambling world, and a land of unrestrained, wacky adventure and sky diving Elvis impersonators. And, you know, I’m sure one can find those things in Vegas, but it just so happens I can find those things in many other parts of the world as well, like the pub up the road, for example.

After doing a bit of thinking, and soul searching about my need to sky dive with Elvis impersonators, I realised that, truth be told, I’d actually probably rather stay home and play casino games on my laptop. Yes, it turns out that perhaps I’ve just been caught up in the idea that Las Vegas is a land of magic and mystery, and never stopped to realise that these fantasies were, let’s be honest, the result of movie magic, and not a place that existed in reality.

And, if a bit of sensible gambling was what I was after, the best option was sitting on my lap at this very moment, and not halfway across the world in the middle of a desert.

Gambling Is Only Part Of Vegas

But before anyone starts getting annoyed with me, and hammering out an email about how Vegas really is a place of magic and rainbows and a sky clouded with Elvis impersonators, I have absolutely zero doubt that Vegas is a great place to visit. And, if I had a plane ticket in my hand right now, I’d fly there in a hear beat. I’m sure it’s a wonderful place full of all sorts of adventure.

The point I’m making, to be clear, is that if I wanted an evening of wacky adventure, or an evening of well planned casino games, I really need not seek these things beyond my own domain. My laptop is a twenty four hour casino, with great deals and a list of casino games so long they could populate a phone book. (Are phone books still a thing?)

So, really, Vegas remains on the bucket list, but not for the purpose of casino games. I have my laptop for that.

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