Quick Tips for Keno Fans

keno tipsKeno is much like a weekly lottery game, but the draws happen all day long and instantaneously.

There are various tricks and strategies that keno fans can apply to aid their enjoyment of the game and possibly even win more money. Although a game of chance, these tips may help players in some way or another, even if just to keep their bankroll in the positive!

Become Acquainted with Odds

One of the biggest tips keno players, or any casino game players for that matter can receive, is that they need to become acquainted with the odds of the game. Each casino game has a house edge, some of which may be higher than others. Keno has a high house edge, much higher than many other casino games. As soon as players understand the odds of the game, they are far more likely to make good choices when playing.

Playing Consecutive Numbers

Many avid keno players believe that consecutive numbers are more likely to come up than non-consecutive numbers. Therefore, choosing consecutive numbers is one of the simplest strategies that keno players can follow.

Stick to the Same Numbers

Keno is a lot like the standard lottery, and therefore similar rules will apply. Many people who have won the lottery have revealed that they play the same numbers all the time, in the hopes that exactly those numbers will win. For the winners, this strategy has paid off, and keno players, therefore, can follow the same strategy of sticking to the same numbers each time they play.

Playing Recent Numbers

There are two sides to this tip. On the one hand, keno players abide by the rule that they should play numbers that have not come up recently. It may be seen as gambler’s fallacy, but it is a trick that often pays out. On the other hand, other keno players swear by selecting numbers that have not come up recently. This latter is particularly useful if monitoring reveals that the same numbers are hit again and again.

Playing Fewer Numbers

Keno is a game that pays out based on the percentages of numbers hit. For example, if a player plays eight numbers and five of them match, then the payout will be higher than if they had, for example, played fourteen numbers and six of them matched. Even though the actual number of matching numbers may be higher, the percentage is still lower. Therefore, a good trick for keno players is to always play fewer numbers to up their percentages if they do hit.

A Game of Chance

Despite all the tips and tricks, keno is, ultimately, still a game of chance. Players should focus most on enjoying the game.