Pros And Cons: Live Dealer And Standard

live dealer vs standard

I’ve been accused of being very easy to charm. Once, as I recall, a young lady was selling something or other to do with and animal wildlife, outside my local grocery store. Upon approaching, and seeing her eyeball me like a shark eyeballs a fresh tuna, I told myself I would not, under any circumstances part with any money.

Ten minutes later I had somehow adopted two lion cubs at wildlife sanctuary. And trust me when I tell you that lion cubs are a great deal less cute when you understand how much it costs to feed the filthy little felines. Which, of course, brings me to the current topic; live dealer online casino games, and standard online casino games.

Live Dealer – Pros And Cons

A live dealer, of course, is not allowed to eye players in the same shark-like fashion as a person looking to hustle wildlife donations. Live dealers are required, by rules of the trade, to be completely impartial to players. But let’s just be honest here, folks, a grip on a wallet becomes a great deal loser in the presence of a stunningly attractive person. Or at least in my case it does.

That a living, breathing person hosts live dealer games is one of its biggest benefits. There is something more personal and comfortable about dealing with a croupier, as opposed to a static programme. Plus, with players engaging one another in the chat window, the whole experience is, simply put, leagues more entertaining.

That a casino game is live, however, also means that there are many more restrictions. The game will not progress at your pace. The croupier will not wait for you to place a bet. And, in very rare cases, a croupier is also even capable of making mistakes. Though some might argue that the potential for mistakes to be made is exactly in line with what makes it more personal in the first place.

Standard Online Casino Games – Pros And Cons

In my own personal experience, there are times when I’m simply not up to facing other human beings. Perhaps more times that I care to admit. But can you blame me? People have all these confusing, complicated emotions, needs, and desire for recognition and vindication. People; what a bunch of needy bastards.

So more often than not I land up playing at standard online casino games. No pressure to bet or play at any pace but my own, no having to stare at a gorgeous woman and know she secretly desires my wallet, and no having to make chit chat in a window. Just me, an impartial computer programme, and snooty lady luck.

Of course, there isn’t much in the way of charm as far as impartial computer programmes go. I mean, many try and have charm, with casino ambient sound effects, an announcer voice, colourful graphics, and so on. But this really is just surface deep. Sort of like a Terminator dressing up in a tutu, and swearing it’s misunderstood ballet student. Which is to say; it only goes so far.

Times And Preferences

As always, the type of online gambling experience you prefer is a matter of choice, but I would strongly recommend checking out a live dealer game. It is a superior experience in just about every way, as far as I’m concerned. There are few downsides to the setup, really, and I imagine most would prefer live dealer games. So, if a person ever puts a gun to your head and demands that you make a snap decision between one and the other, you’re safe going with the live dealer experience to save your life.

On the other hand, there is something very comforting about casino games that operate at exactly your preferred pace. For those who aren’t familiar with a casino game, or don’t like to be rushed, standard casino games are likely not going anywhere any time soon. If trying out a new game, getting familiar with it’s rules, or otherwise just curious, a standard casino game is a pretty good choice.

My Lion Cubs Are Fine

In case you’re wondering, those two lion cubs are doing just fine. I’m all but certain they are the fattest lion cubs on the planet, given how much they supposedly eat. And if I ever go visit those stupid animals, I expect they’ll be lighting cigars with flaming hundred dollar bills, chuckling at the guy stupid enough to keep sending them money every month.

You know I’m joking. I love lions. Adopt a few yourself. Or better yet, share the cost of mine. I’ll even let you name them. No? Well, guess I’ll just make them into a pair of slippers then.

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