Leo’s Dodgy Desire For Dinosaur Bones

T-Rex bones in a museum

Celebrities are some of the best proof that money cannot buy sense. I expect bizarre purchases by the likes of Marilyn Manson and others who make a living being weird, but by Leonardo DiCaprio? Not on your nelly. He’s a respected actor, he supports conservation efforts and green initiatives, and he wants to buy dinosaur … Continue reading Leo’s Dodgy Desire For Dinosaur Bones

Casino – An Explosive Movie Ride!

Las Vegas, often referred to as Sin City, is the setting for legendary director Martin Scorsese’s violently fascinating 1995 film, Casino. Set in the 1970s and early 80s, the film chronicles the mob’s infiltration of Vegas through the lives of several characters, most notably Sam “Ace” Rothstein, played by Academy Award winner Robert De Niro, … Continue reading Casino – An Explosive Movie Ride!

Stop Charging Your Smartphone While You Sleep

Aren’t smartphones just the greatest thing since sliced bread? They grant 24 hour a day access to kitten memes, remind you that the world is full of extremist morons every time you read the comments section in social media, and provide the perfect means by which to spread half-arsed, poorly researched, and deeply biased misinformation, … Continue reading Stop Charging Your Smartphone While You Sleep

Destination Morocco

When it comes to being a tourist, one of the biggest challenges is deciding on where next to jet off to. There are so many countries flashing their seductive wares, all offering truly breath taking experiences. Hence; just settling on a location can be a challenge all of its own. Are you up for a … Continue reading Destination Morocco

Maittavaa ja ekologista sesonkiruokaa

Neljä vuodenaikaa tuo sään lisäksi vaihtelua kotimaiseen ruokapöytään, sillä monessa taloudessa on nykyään tapana ostaa ruoka-aineksia aina sesonkien mukaan. Osasyynä sesonkiruoan suosioon on toki raaka-aineiden edullisuus, mutta myös luonnonvaroja halutaan näin säästää. Kun ainekset ostaa tuoreina, säilytykseen ja pakastamiseen kuluu vähemmän energiaa. Ruoka itsessään on myös maittavampaa kun sen syö satokaudella. On tyystin toista herkutella … Continue reading Maittavaa ja ekologista sesonkiruokaa