Online Gambling Psychology

There is very little that can compare to the thrill of achieving a big win in a casino game. The pulse tends to quicken, head explodes with delight, and there is perhaps even an unchained victory cry. Those who have experienced it will know, and can confirm that it is a truly unique emotion. Akin to getting a major job promotion, some say, or even similar to winning a marathon. All these explanations are true, since the experience tends to be unique to the individual.

When asking the average player what the main reason is for them engaging in gambling games, many will say they play for this above mentioned thrill of winning. Others say they play for the challenge, while others still say it is just plain and simple fun. Whatever reason you personally play for, challenge, thrill, or fun, it really doesn’t matter, so long as it is an enjoyable experience. It is, however, very interesting to note that different types of players tend to view casino games in very different ways.

The Master Of His Craft

For a professional poker player, poker is not just a job, or an obsession; it is a way of life. The average professional poker player practices on a daily basis, so it stands to reason that they view the game differently to the average online player. If asking one of these professionals why they play poker, they would likely answer with something along the lines of because it’s what I do. They have very likely experienced the thrill of winning, but the game is now way beyond this simple pleasure in their eyes.

Professionals play to keep their skills sharp and minds quick, and although it is clearly something they enjoy, they treat the game as an art form. When certain cards appear in their hands they see only statistics and potential, and act accordingly. The average casual player, however, will likely get a jolt of excitement in their stomach upon a good hand presenting itself. In short, for a professional, casino games are about being the best.

Casual Online Players

The casual online player is something different. Does the casual online player try and improve? Of course. Does the casual online player aim to win? Definitely. But will the casual player still be thinking about casino games after turning off their computer? Probably not. For the casual player casino games are simply that; a game. Winning is great, and getting better is wonderful, but a game is a game, and nothing more.

There are some players who put more time into than others, perhaps reading gambling related articles, studying strategies, and even discussing it with friends, but it ever really goes beyond hobby status. The casual online gambler makes up the majority of all players, and most will say they play simply for fun, and the occasional thrill of winning.

Binge Players

Binge players tend to go all out, spending hours gambling, hours researching gambling, and dedicating almost every waking thought to casino games, for a short period of time. Over a week or two the binge player will put so many hours into casino games that it may seem like they will never do anything else. Speak to them a week or two later, however, and their response to casino games will likely be something along the lines of a shrug. Oh well, that hobby passed quickly.

A few months down the line, or even a year down the line, the binge player is back into it. The strategy books are out, tutorial DVDs scattered everywhere, and the binge player is again glued to their laptop. For the binge player, casino games are about getting as much satisfaction as possible in as quick a time period as feasible.

Time Killing King

Ever see a person sitting in line at the bank, staring at their phone with an intense look of concentration? This is likely the Time Killing King. Any moment the time killer sees as empty or wasted, their phone comes out and the casino games go into full swing. Lunch time at work? Out comes the phone. Waiting for the kids to come out of school? Out comes the phone. Waiting for the elevator to open? Out comes the phone.

The great thing about time killer players is that they tend to be incredible at multitasking. Some will watch TV with one eye, and play casino games with the other. Better still, some will even have a game going while preparing dinner, or even while doing housework. The time killer is also a real champion when it comes to hiding the phone in emergency situations. No one can put their phone away quicker when the boss steps in during mid poker game. We tip our hats to you, time killing king, and all players, masters, casual players, and binge players alike.