Does An Online Casino Need Mobile Compatibility?

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The other day I ran into a group of students at my local pub. They were, it turned out, studying to be software engineers. Curious, and because I like to consider myself somewhat technology savvy, I asked them a little about modern programming. It was an interesting conversation at first, but it quickly turned depressing when I began to reminisce about the good old days of computers. I mentioned to them that I first learned to use computers on a Dos operating system, to which they responded with blank stares. They had no idea what Dos was.

If you are a young person and don’t know what Dos is, it was back in the day when Windows and other such user friendly systems did not exist. You had to type little commands in order to make things happen. Yes, that was some time ago. Thank you for reminding me I’m getting old. Either way, it really hammered home in my head just how far technology has come. So much so that young people would like to spontaneously combust if separated from their phones for ten minutes.

And that brings me to the point of this. Do websites, and online casinos in particular, need to cater to mobile compatibility in order to survive?

Dual Action Websites

Many don’t realise just how much work goes into designing a website. You’ll find that those same people are always quick to scoff and roll their eyes when a website doesn’t do what they expect it to, but with little understanding of just how complicated and time consuming website design is. Now, I’ve only dabbled briefly with website design, but learned very quickly that websites don’t just magically make themselves compatible for the various website browsers available, or cross platform mobile compatibility.

When designing the website, you are actually required to ensure that the design fits into multiple browsers, and mobile formats. Which is to say, it’s very time consuming.

But then, let’s be honest, mobile compatibility is required these days. As I said, young people break out into cold sweats if their phone is beyond their reach for ten minutes, but we won’t be going into the social implications of that just this minutes. That’s a whole different blog. The point is that any online casino not compatible with mobile phones is basically committing business suicide.

Mobile Phone Compatibility

And, let’s we forget, there are many different designs of mobile phone, with many different screen sizes, and many different operating systems. I dare say that in the early days of mobile phones, designing websites for them must have been a task similar to juggling twenty plates on the ends of sticks. I can only imagine what a chore it must have been, and grant those early website designers all the empathy in the world.

It has become somewhat easier today, given that most mobile devices have settled into universal norms as far as design goes, but it is still likely an enormous pain in the rear end. Though, many modern mobile devices don’t even need specifically designed website adaptations. Modern devices are well capable of displaying websites in their original format, albeit with a little scrolling required. A condensed version of any website is still recommended though, given that convenience is king as far as the Internet is concerned.

Dedicated Applications

Of course, the ultimate convenience with any mobile device these days is a dedicated application. The majority of online casinos worth their salt have a downloadable dedicated app, which drastically streamlines the whole process. It’s a great deal easier for everyone involved, and really is the smart choice. Although, if you thought applications were not without their drawback, you would have been wrong.

For the same reason that designing websites is a pain for multiple different phone models and types, applications are likewise a pain in the rear end. Given that there are dozens of different phone models with different resources, application design is just as finicky. Applications crashing unexpectedly is still a widespread norm, and can often be more of a pain than simply visiting an online casino website.

I Prefer PC

Either way, I still largely prefer to play my online casino games on my PC, given that all of the above issues become completely obsolete. Doing anything on a half decent computer or laptop really is the way to go as far as digital technology is concerned. Plus, I really do have a soft spot for great big TV screens and monitors.

Don’t get me wrong though. As far as casino games on mobile devices go, I will still break out my phone when sitting in queue at the bank, while waiting for my coffee, before a meeting, and pretty much any time really, but for me, my desktop is king. But I have the option to play when and how I please, thanks to advancing technology (and I’m sure Dos had something to do with this too).

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