Online Casino Myth Busters

There are a few myths in the online casino world that have endured for a long time. In fact, since the very first online casino went online, there have been the myths surrounding it, many of which are simply not true. From those that insist that the games are designed to cheat, to the more common misconceptions about how gambling games work.

Either way, it’s never a good idea to believe in false facts when one gets involved on online gambling. After all, such untrue beliefs can not only hamper a person’s skills, reducing their chances of earning money, but can outright ruin the entertainment value of casino games altogether.

Her are a few commonly believed online casino myths that are simply not true. Don’t forget to inform your friends, who might still be thinking these myths are fact.

Online Slot Games Cheat

There are a huge variety of myths based around online slot games, and all of them pretty much say the same thing, although there may be variations in the exact specifics of the myth. Some myths say that online slot games are designed to first be generous, after which they magically switch to being aggressively money hungry. Other myths suggest that some slot games are designed to never pay out jackpots. Whatever the variation, they are all nonsense.

Online slot game software is designed to be completely random, and this is verified by authorities that keep tabs on the online casino world. In fact, online casino software had been open to the public since it was first created. That’s right; the software used in online casinos is free to be examined, by whoever, whenever.

It may seem like a slot game is behaving in a particular way, but this is simply the nature of odds balancing themselves out. People see faces in clouds, when they certainly aren’t any, and likewise tend to see planned patterns in slot games where there aren’t any.

A Win Must Follow A Loss

One of the most commonly held misconceptions in the gambling world is that wins and losses are more likely, depending on what has occurred during the previous round. It’s logical, these people say, that a win is now more likely, since a loss has just occurred. Or vice versa. This misconception is based around a misunderstanding about how probability works, and can hamper a person’s ability to approach a casino game effectively.

The truth is that there is the same chance of statistics occurring every new round, regardless of what casino game you’re looking at. In roulette, for example, red, black, or a zero pocket has the same chances of occurring on each separate spin. Because a red has occurred on a previous spin, it does not make black more likely on the next spin. This should always be kept in mind, as having ones decisions swayed by misconceptions is not a good way to play casino games.

Games Payout At Certain Times

There is a commonly held myth that online casino games are more likely to pay out at certain times of day, which apparently is a way to encourage more people to play. After this supposed time is over, all the casino games switch back to being less generous.

This, of course, is absolutely not true, and is another myth that can hamper a person’s ability to play effectively. Online casino games are not able to switch magically between being more or less generous. Not only would this be incredibly difficult for online casinos to do, without raising alarms with the authorities, but you can bet that someone would have spotted such code blatantly present in the games. It has already been mentioned that casino game code is available to the public.

It is much smarter for players to stick to the concept that casinos games always have the same chances of winning and losing, at all times.

Players Must Win Back Losses

Not so much a myth as another misconception, some players insist that losses must be aggressively chased in casino games. If the player has a loss, they switch to betting higher in order to make back the loss as quickly as possible. This is the wrong way to approach casino games, and will almost certainly spiral out of control, resulting in even bigger losses.

Casino games are best approached with a level, well thought out strategy. Smart bets should always be made, and one should never drastically change the betting amount, unless it is part of a plan. If a loss is endured, rest easy in the thought that the loss should be made back sooner or later, if the player continues to play wisely. Losses are, after all, a part of casino games, or how would casinos stay in business? The important part of casino games is to stay focused until the big wins occur, and quit while you’re ahead.