Online Casino Design and Player Satisfaction

When it comes to online casinos, some fare better than others. Despite two online casinos sharing the same developers and by extension, similar games, one casino will still come off second best.

This all comes down to a nearly intangible element related to a well-designed site, along with an intuitive user-friendly interface.

How to Design a Great Casino

I say good design in a casino is nearly intangible because at the best casino sites, like Cabaret Club it is hard to look at the site’s layout and interface and point out exactly why it works because ideally it should just feel right without players really noticing why.

Clear Text and Menus

One of the most basic design elements that so many casino sites mess up is having clear discernible text and clear menu layouts. So many online casinos want to squeeze out as much cash as they can from their site. You can see this often where a casino page is so overloaded with advertisements and up-selling that you don’t even know where the advertisements end, and the actual casino begins.

This doesn’t just ruin the player experience through frustrating menu navigation but it also slows down your system, since so many resources have to be loaded on your computer or Smartphone.

Logical and Intuitive Navigation

Online casinos have a lot of things to consider other than just offering players a gaming section.

You need to have an FAQ section, a banking section and a bonus section, just to name some of the most important elements. When you open the casino home screen, you need to easily and quickly see where each of these sections can be accessed.

Artistic Designs and Themes

While a clean and clear home screen makes it easier to navigate the online casino, owners also want to inject their vision of the casino’s personality into the layout.

You obviously want to add striking design elements so that players get a feel for the casino’s theme and personality from the get go.

Cabaret Club is a perfect example of a clean user interface that at the same time oozes the classy and refined personality of the casino. This personality is why people choose Cabaret Club over other online casinos.

The Cabaret Club Experience

There are many more things to discuss in relation to how good casino design relates to player satisfaction, but already just two aspects already show the important role of careful yet intelligent design. Cabaret Club lifts the curtain on a great gaming experience, and the design is stunning, yet simple and easy to navigate.