Offbeat Betting Strategy

Unfortunately for friends, my family, and myself I am a very cynical person. I trust in reason to get me through life and nowhere is that more applicable than with my gambling strategies. I am not on to go for strategies that claim to make you a winner.

That said, every now and again I hear some offbeat tips that just sound too interesting to ignore.

Now personally I will never even attempt these strategies but if I had money and time to invest, I would love to try them out.

Impeccable Dice Control

Let’s start with probably my favourite offbeat strategy because a) it sounds plausible enough to actually work and b) it just creates the most delightful mental image.

The strategy is generally called dice control. The idea is that with practice and correct hand placement you will be able to throw dice with such accuracy that you can vastly improve your odds of winning.

Now this sounds plausible to me because you get darts players that can throw with immense accuracy, you get musicians who can memorise the layout of their guitars fretboard and play without looking at their hands.

Why can’t you master your muscle control to improve your odds with dice?

So of all the strategies I have heard this one sounds pretty plausible I guess, but can you picture yourself sitting in a darkened room tossing dice, making notes and taking measurements?

The Straight 60 System

The straight 60 system is a bankroll management system where you play until you have either won 60% of your bankroll and quit, or you have lost 60% of your bankroll. Then you still quit.

This may sound senseless but there are many betting strategies that use this same principle. You wager certain percentages and then increase those wager sizes as you win or lose.

The main problem with these strategies is that most people don’t have the infinite bankroll required to make a statistical significance to their win or loss ration and these strategies in no way improve your actual game play. You aren’t learning anything if your focus stops during the betting round.

Odd Craps Betting

This is a strategy that I have never tried, even though I love craps. Most people tend to stick to pass and come bets as the house edge is so low on these bets. What the odds betting strategy says is that making the additional odds bets will be rewarding in the long run due to the high potential payouts you can receive.

Many people tout the fact that the odds bets “have no house edge”, which doesn’t really mean much since it will never be a sure bet. No house edge on a 10 to 1 bet is still odds of 10 to 1.

Like I said I haven’t used this betting strategy but it sounds plausible enough if you like high risk, high reward plays.

The 17 Win Parlay Run

The last offbeat betting strategy we will be looking at pretty much sums up the majority of betting strategies advertised online.  You use a series of even money parlay bets starting with a small sum which doubles on each win.

It may sound ridiculous that you can make millions with this system as you need to win more than 10 parlays in a row, but the argument is that the odds are much better than the ones you face playing the lottery.

So there you have it, some offbeat strategies that just may be offbeat enough to work. You can give these a try at Cabaret Club, and if you want to play for free first, we make this possible!