The Nitty Gritty of the Royal Wedding

Harry and Meghan tie the knot
Source: Hindustan Times

There have been many famous royal weddings in history, all of which made the world sit up and take notice. Few, however, have been as memorable as the most recent union between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The occasion was a luxurious one, with much that wide eyed spectators could fawn over, including 2 exquisite wedding dresses, stunning locations, and sparkling decorations.

And, of course, the bride and groom were every bit as delighted as we all could have been hoped for, with enough smiles and loving stares going around to make a touching romantic comedy. The world collectively wished them well, many touching messages of congratulations were sent, and everyone was left feeling very satisfied. The couple likely more satisfied than most, given that they are officially now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. A title so impressive sounding it surely comes with some sort of official decree. And if it doesn’t, there’s certainly a consolation prize in the fact that the Queen gave the couple a country house as a wedding gift.

Such an event deserves a closer look, just in case anyone missed any of the finer details when the onions they were chopping caused their eyes to leak just a little. Or, that was our excuse anyway.

Humble Yet Luxurious

Many remarked that the wedding was more level-headed and humble than some had expected, without as much pomp and grandeur as could have been, had the desire arisen. The wedding cake, for example, seemed a little less impressive than a royal cake should have been. The bakers of the world would surely have been a little disappointed, given how extravagant some cakes have been at other famous weddings.

Most agreed, however, that a slightly understated approach is best when it comes to royal weddings, lest the common folk feel detached from the royal family. It would not have done to have an overabundance of glamour, certainly. The average person will, after all, have to rely on nothing short of winning the jackpot at a casino to stand a chance of hosting such a spectacular event.

Duchesses Dress In Style

Though, any paying attention would have certainly noticed the dresses worn by Meghan Markle, which although seeming pleasantly simple, yet glamorous in nature, were nothing short of designer masterpieces. Both shining white from head to toe, the Internet all but exploded with ladies seeking similar dresses, no doubt for their own fairy tale weddings.

The church ceremony dress was by Givenchy, a name that no doubt brings tremors of delight to those familiar with the fashion world. The second dress worn by Meghan was a custom Stella McCartney, another name that will surely be receiving an enormous amount of attention, given this next level publicity. Although, with a Beatle as a father, and an already illustrious career, Stella didn’t really need the boost, but it’s not going to hurt her brand!

Duchesses Dress In Style
Source: AOL

Gone But Not Forgotten

Many mentioned with heavy hearts that they wished Diana had been present for her son’s wedding. Though, she was present in spirit, and via tributes made by both Harry and Meghan.

It was reported that the ring worn by Meghan to the evening event was, in fact, the same emerald cut aquamarine passed on by Diana. A clear sign of respect, and one that certainly did not go unnoticed. The bouquet also contained flowers that were favourites of Diana’s, and the fact that Harry had picked them himself made them all the more personal.

The only reading at the ceremony was a loving, yet sombre bit of dialogue, read by Diana’s sister, Lady Jane Fellowes, and this almost had dear Harry in tears. His stiff upper lip may have quivered, but it didn’t crumble. And, finally, Elton John serenaded the happy couple, once again adding his voice to a royal occasion, only this time a happy one!