Where to Next for Mobile Casino Games?

Where Will Mobile Casino Gaming Go Next

Mobile gaming has never been bigger news than when Pokémon GO took the world by storm last year. The augmented reality game’s unprecedented success was seen as a sign of good things to come by players and gaming industry executives.

We are certainly enthusiastic about the future of mobile gaming in general. We have no doubt that, in the long term, players will be able to enjoy gaming experiences that a few years ago would never have been thought possible.

What does this all mean for mobile casino games? Considering that some casino game developers are already working on projects such as virtual reality or VR games, you can definitely expect more than the mobile casino games to which we have all become used to playing.

More Social Options

The social nature of Pokémon GO is one of the reasons for its success around the world, and we’re sure mobile casino game developers have paid attention to that.

A recurring complaint about the digital and mobile revolution is that, the more connected through technology we have all become, the more we have disconnected from the world around us. Pokémon GO showed the world that millions of players are tired of it, and are hungry for gaming that allows them to socialise at the same time.

Online bingo has been social for a while. Rooms use an integrated instant messenger feature that you can use to chat to other players while your tickets are dabbed.

This added social element is surely a reason the game has one of the fastest growing online communities.

We aren’t exactly certain how developers plan to make mobile casino games more social, but you can be sure it is going to happen. Our guess is that they will start with more multiplayer games, and take it from there.

VR and AR In The Spotlight

Another lesson the gaming industry learned from Pokémon GO was that the hunger for VR and augmented reality or AR games is real. Along with this comes a keen interest in location-based gaming.

The interest in AR games, however, is significant. So significant, in fact, that some gaming experts predict that, while VR games will certainly be a force to be reckoned with, AR will become a major driving force.

Some think that, by 2021, the VR and AR market will be worth more than US$100 billion, and that more than US$80 billion of that will come from AR.

Microgaming has already given a public demonstration of its highly anticipated VR roulette. The plan isn’t to stop at the devil’s game. Instead, you can expect a full VR casino. The Malta Gaming Authority has already given some input on the concept.

Mobile devices do not really lend themselves to VR, so we do not expect too much along the lines of VR mobile casino games. AR, however, is a different matter.

No, we are not entirely sure how it will be done. It could simply be a matter of turning your immediate surroundings into a casino, or you may have to GO catch slots and other games before you can play them (see what we did there).

Better Traditional Gaming

Does a future with AR mobile casino games mean you need to start panicking if you love the more familiar way of playing slots, blackjack, roulette, and other games? We don’t think so.

Surveys have found that, as much as young players in the US are attracted to casino games that are more like video games, young players in European countries such as Germany prefer traditional table games.

There will always be players who want the classic experience, and that is true of other types of gaming as well. There is a thriving vintage gaming collector’s market, and top prices are paid for Atari as well as early Nintendo, Sega, and other games and consoles in good working condition.

Casinos and the software providers that power them will ensure that players who enjoy a vintage approach to mobile casino games are well taken care of.

Other Mobile Developments

You can expect other mobile casino developments to happen alongside those of games. Banking is one area that definitely will see improvements.

Security is being upgraded constantly because fraudsters’ tactics are becoming more advanced. Payment methods are also sure to change, and there will no doubt be even more convenient payment methods specific to mobile devices.

As progress transforms the face of mobile casino games, casinos’ special offers and promotions will change as well. New gaming opportunities mean that casinos can find creative ways of attracting and rewarding new players and retaining regular players.

The future of mobile gaming is set to be exciting, and we can’t wait to see it unfold.