Getting The Most Out Of Slot Games

Slot games are by far the most popular casino game in the world, played by tens of thousands of people on a daily basis. In fact, casinos are reported to earn as much as 80% of all their revenue from slot games alone, which speaks a great deal about just how many people play them!

The standard slot game formula is a number of symbols arranged on reels. The player places a bet, and spins the reels. If the symbols on the reels land in a favourable arrangement, then payouts are made, according the value of the sequence created. It is, therefore, largely a game based around luck. But is there anything a player can do to make the process of playing a slot game more favourable, resulting in more payouts?

Types Of Slot Games

It is first important to keep in mind that there are two main types of slot game. These two types are progressive slot games, and standard slot games. And, although appearing the same at first glance, there are some very major differences between the two.

A progressive slot game is based around offering a very large jackpot amount, normally in the millions, and sometimes even in the tens of millions. This enormous jackpot is paid out only in the case of a specific sequence being created on the reels, and is a rare occurrence. There are, of course, lesser payout amounts possible on a progressive slot game, but they tend to be slightly less frequent than the payouts given by a standard slot game.

A standard slot game does not offer a jackpot of millions, but does still have a significant jackpot, which is of a decent amount. In the case of standard slot games, regular payments are more frequent, but there is no payout amount that will have life changing results. Hence, a standard slot game will make more regular payouts of lower amounts, and a progressive jackpot game less regular payouts, but with the benefit of having the enormous mega-jackpot.

More About Pay Lines

Pay lines are a very important part of both progressive and standard slot games. A slot game can have as few as one pay line, and sometimes as many as hundreds. Each pay line represents a chance for a winning sequence to be created, and so the more pay lines active, the more likely the chances of a payout occurring.

The trick is that in order to activate more paylines, the player must pay more per spin. It is, therefore, a case of risk versus reward. The player may raise or lower pay lines between each spin, but lowering the pay lines will risk losing out on potential payouts. And, in some cases, certain slot games will not even allow a jackpot to be paid if all the pay lines are not active.

Hence, a smart slot game player will raise or lower pay lines carefully as the game progresses, hoping to minimise losses and maximise wins. Lowering pay lines during a period where wins are less frequent can, of course, help save money. The pay lines can then be raised again when wins are happening more regularly, which will take advantage of the winning streak and generate more cash.

Betting Amounts

A similar thing can be done with the overall betting amount of each spin. Each slot game will have a minimum and maximum betting amount, which can be adjusted at will by the player. It is wise to reduce this amount during losing streaks, and raise it during winning streaks. Always be sure to keep in mind, however, that some slot games raise and lower the betting amount automatically, depending on how many pay lines have been activated.

Slot Game Mini-Games

Some more modern slot games have mini-games built into them, which activate when a certain sequence is created on the reels. These mini-games are designed to be interesting to look at, and plenty of funds for the player. They will also, however, be an important part of winning as much cash as possible when playing.

Before playing a slot game and committing cash, be sure to familiarise yourself with any mini-games featured. Understanding how the game works before being presented with it will give the upper hand, and ensure more favourable results.

Read The Rules

And this brings us to the last point; be sure to consult a slot games rules. Every slot game will have a help page, generally accessible by clicking or tapping the question mark button. The button will also sometimes appear with the word pays on it.

Slot games are always designed to be as easy to player, and accessible as possible, but it doesn’t mean they cannot still sometimes be confusing. If in doubt about anything, simply consult the help page and get yourself on the right track.

Good luck, happy spinning, and have fun!