Keep Track of your Gambling Activity

Proper bankroll management is one of the most important requirements for a successful and enjoyable gambling experience. Many players who have failed to apply this rule have had to learn it the hard way as a succession of chased losses saw them lose enormous amounts of money.

Beyond this, really savvy players know to track a combination of other details. The most important of these are deposits, withdrawals, wins and losses but other information such as the specific games you play and the speed with which a casino site pays out your winning is also very valuable.

Although doing this when you play online is considerably easier than it is in land-based casinos (because you don’t have to walk around with a notepad), it is still very easy to get carried away with the game or miscalculate. Fortunately, there are several effective ways in which to keep tabs on your online gaming activity to ensure that you never make unwise choices or accrue excessive losses.

Leading online gaming software developer, Microgaming has created two particularly useful self-auditing systems for online gamblers – PlayCheck and CashCheck. While the former monitors your overall gambling activities, the latter specifically keeps track of your financial transactions. Here’s a closer look at what each of these systems has to offer:

PlayCheck by Microgaming

PlayCheck is Microgaming software that summarises your gaming sessions for you to keep track of both your own gaming habits and the performance of each game and casino. These summaries provide valuable data about a large number of factors, including all the games you’ve played, how long each casino takes to process withdrawals and deposits, the games at which you have won the most, the average length of your gaming sessions, and even the casino bonuses of which you have taken advantage.

Analysing this information can help you to dramatically improve your gambling by, for example, choosing the ideal games for you, identifying the best casinos, reminding you not to drag your sessions out for too long, and warning you against chasing losses.

CashCheck by Microgaming

As mentioned, Microgaming’s CashCheck software focuses more specifically on financial activity. It keeps track of and analyses deposit and withdrawal amounts and frequency, as well as the processing time on withdrawals, among others.

The great value of this service is that it encourages more responsible gambling by reminding you that it is time to stop before you get in over your head.

Do It Yourself

If the site where you play does not offer self-auditing software like that described above, it is best that you find an easy way to keep track of your gambling activity on your own. Even a simple spreadsheet with space to record time periods, casino details, game preferences, wins, losses, withdrawals and deposits will do wonders for your gaming experience.

Aside from protecting you from the risk of overextending yourself financially, keeping track in this way may help you to realise when it is time to try a different game or a different site.

Plan Ahead

No matter which gameplay management system you choose to use, it is vital that you plan your budget ahead of time. This means taking an honest look at your personal finances and deciding exactly how much you can afford to lose.

Write that number down or record it in your spreadsheet and keep it in mind at all times. Make a mental commitment to stop playing once you have reached that number (or before, if you’re satisfied with your winnings). All of the systems discussed here will provide you with the support you need to stick to this commitment.