Ins and Outs of Online Casino Support

Upon opening an account at an online casino, the customer support services may be the last thing on your mind. After all, you’re probably far more concerned whether they have a good slots game selection, and special deals on offer. But, make no mistake; the customer support centre of an online casino should be one of the first things on your mind. When a problem does arise that you need some assistance with, you are sure going to be hoping for a speedy response, and reliable service.

And when that time comes, you may just discover that the website you have signed up with does not do very well in that department at all. Sending an email detailing your issue, and only getting a response two days later, is certainly not the way a paying customer should be dealt with. Some online casinos, however, are still using this extremely frustrating system.

The Email System

When you have a problem at an online casino, the general idea is that you want the problem solved right then and there, so you can get on with playing casino games and winning big. If getting assistance means sending an email that demands all sorts of details from you, and the response time is clocked at ‘within 24-48 hours,’ you are likely already pulling your hair in annoyance.

It’s no secret why some online casinos still have such painfully slow response times. The simple fact is that employing a customer service representative to be on standby 24 hours a day is expensive, and some online casinos will still avoid this by simply not having a support team on standby. It’s a cost cutting method that saves them a great deal of expenses, but makes life a whole lot more annoying for you.

Instant Chat Systems

An online casino worth it’s salt these days will have a live chat system. If you have a problem, you simply open a window and have direct text based chat access to a professional CSR. It’s instant chat, so you are getting help at the very moment you need it. The CSR will generally be very knowledgeable about the casino and its services, and likely have your issue resolved in just a few moments.

In this case the online casino likely has more than one CSR on standby 24 hours a day. It’s all but required these days, at least if you don’t want your customers getting annoyed and frustrated. If your current favourite online casino does not have 24-hour-a-day live chat customer support, maybe you should start thinking about why not.

Live Telephone Support

The next best thing is live telephone customer support. Talking to a person is preferable to some who don’t enjoy typing up text messages, and many online casinos offer this service. The only problem with this variation is that there can be costs involved, and many customers prefer not to have to pay a telephone bill to get assistance. A great online casino will thus also offer a toll-free number for players to call in on, for free.

Still, if the text chat option fails, it’s always good to know that a direct line to a person is available via telephone. In most cases, however, it will likely not be necessary to actually have to make a phone call. Either way, check if your online casino has the option available. After all, when problems arise, you’ll sure wish that such an option was present.

Customer Support Professionalism

So your favourite online casino has both live text options, and telephonic options available. The next question is just how professional and skilled the customer support centre is. Are the operatives polite and well informed? Do they know exactly how to solve your problem, or do they have to look for help from a third party? Do they sound like they know what they’re talking about, and whether your problem concerns them?

In most cases you won’t know exactly how good the customer support is, until having to engage them. Or will you? Before depositing money at an online casino, and giving them your business, you might want to do a quick Google search and see if anyone else has had problems with the casino’s customer support centre. This can be done in just a few minutes, and it may save you a great deal of trouble further down the line.

If you find posts from others complaining about the customer support centre at a website, it certainly doesn’t seem like it would be a good idea to get involved, lest you face similar issues. It’s also important to keep in mind, however, that there are those who just enjoy complaining, and are possibly being unfair to the casino. That’s up to you to decide of course. Either way, just don’t forget that there are plenty of highly reputable and well run online casinos, all of which would be happy to have your business, and offer excellent service in return.