History of Random Number Generators

Mathematics and gambling has had a relationship that has lasted about as long as games and maths have existed side by side.

People have always tried to make sense of the random outcomes of games by attempting to use mathematical formulas and algorithms to potentially find some underlying order to it all.

This pursuit for perfect prediction through mathematical means has led to many great developments in science that has paid back the online casino industry with random number generator software.

The aim of this software is to recreate the element of randomness in games in order to perfectly emulate that effect in online casino games. In a very real sense, random number generators have become our dealers and our croupiers.

The Application Of Randomness

The application of random numbers extends vastly outside the world of only online gaming. It is used in science, mathematics, banking and in a wide field of research. It has even extended to use in the world of politics.

Let’s take a closer look at what fields random numbers have made themselves useful in and also see what led to the development of Random Number Generator Software in the first place.

Early Uses In Divination

One of the earliest recorded instances of random number generation was in the practice of divination. Specifically the book of I Ching used randomly generated number sequences to assist practitioners with telling the future through predictions.

The use of randomly gathered numbers, either by drawing lots, sorting or other methods is called cleromancy. In its earliest days, Chinese practitioners of the I Ching would use 50 Yarrow tree stalks to generate two strings of random numbers that would then be interpreted by a special hexagram system.

This then developed into a system using two to four coins. The coins would be flipped, their heads or tail results recorded and then interpreted using the hexagram system in the I Ching.

The Use In Early Politics

Other than predicting the future, random numbers were also used in the earliest instances of democracy. In Athens in about 500 BC, the concept that all men are equal came to prominence.

This led to random lots being drawn to determine the composition of the local government. All men had an equal chance to draw a lot that means they will serve in government.

This method is still used today to determine the jury composition in American and British courts.

Science Steps In

Random number sequences have probably seen their most use in the realms of science. Random numbers are often used in statistical sampling. Researchers need to select a random group of people from a target population in order to remove human bias in picking participants for a study. Random numbers also play a key role in double blind trails and more.

The need for random number generators is a key part of scientific study. Studies aim to uncover objective truths and one way to remove any biases is through the use of random number generators.

Studies also make use of random numbers for analysis purposes. If you are attempting to pick up signals of undocumented phenomena, you would need to sort through random background effects in order to pick up a source of relevant information. A throughout understanding of randomness is needed to separate true signals from a pattern bias.

Using Cryptography

Cryptography is so essential to modern life that without it we will probably move backwards 10 or 20 years. Cryptography is the use, amongst other elements, of random numbers to provide security to any form of online transaction or communication.

True randomness is essential in cryptography as the level of randomness is related to how secure the cryptographic key is.

True And Pseudo Random Number Generators

At this point it should be noted that modern random number generators are usually divided into true random number generators and Pseudo random number generators.

True Random Number Generators make use of measurements of physical phenomenon to generate random numbers. These methods essentially use nature’s innate randomness, or entropy, to create a sequence of numbers.

The second method actually uses algorithms to generate seemingly random sequences of events, but the sequence can be predicted if the starting value of the sequence is known.

The Use In Games

Today of course we know random number generators for their use in online casino games. Random numbers have been an important part in human life for ages.