Why Hackers Are Focusing On Mobile Devices

Cyber security is no joke, and most take it very seriously. There is hardly a computer today that does not have some sort of security program, if not a number of security program. And rightly so, given that many do highly security sensitive things online, including accessing banks, making payments, making purchases, and much more. It makes sense that these transactions be secure, not in the least because of the fears revolving around hackers and cyber thieves.

Interestingly, however, many of the security sensitive things done on computers are also done on mobile devices, given the enormous leaps forward taken in mobile technology. Oddly, however, many don’t give their mobile device as much attention as their computer, in terms of security. |And this may be why modern hackers are turning their attention to mobile devices. Mobile security breaches have seen an increase in recent times, and this should be reason for concern.

Let’s take a closer look at mobile devices, and why they are a major security threat for some.

Locking The Device

It should be kept in mind that mobile phones are a security risk not because they are hacked remotely, but because they are stolen, and not sufficiently secure enough to keep out thieves. Mobile phones are used very regularly, dozens of times a day, if not more, which means that users are reluctant to have complicated locking software in place. If a phone has a security lock, after all, it means that that lock has to be dealt with every time the user wants to access the phone. This can quickly become tedious, and result in only a simple lock being in place.

If, however, the phone is stolen, it means that the thief only has to deal with a simple lock, before getting access to the entire phone. Even worse is that many mobile phones give the option to memorise sensitive passwords, such as for bank accounts. Hence, once the thief has access to the phone, he or she also has access to the bank account. It is in this fashion that mobile security risks are increasing.

Remote Hacking Fantasies

Probably due to popular movies and television series, many think that devices such as mobile phones are hackable via remote means. And although this is possible, it is extremely rare, so much so that it can be considered the smallest threat of all. Hacking a device in this manner is extremely complicated and difficult, so much so that only technical professionals may even make an attempt at it, and even then are not likely to succeed.

Instead, risks are more likely to be present in the way of passwords and account details being stolen, via a method called phishing. This is when users are tricked into sharing their account sensitive details with strangers, who use that information to access accounts. It need not be said that a person should never give their account details to anyone, even if they claim to be working for a bank or authority.

Online Casino Security

Many are paranoid when accessing online casinos from a mobile device, given that so much money is flowing back and forth. Interestingly, however, online casinos are one of the most secure online locations that can be visited. Online casinos use incredibly secure software, surrounded by what is known as encryption. This means that all information sent between a mobile device and the casino server is encrypted, and cannot be viewed at all, unless the encryption code is cracked. To put it in perspective, it would take more time than the earth will even exist to try and crack this code, without using the appropriate key.

In other words, online casinos are all but completely impenetrable. This, however, is assuming that the user of the online casino keeps their account details safe and secure. An online casino account is at great risk from the user, as opposed to the casino itself being cracked. Once again, the details for an online casino account should be kept safe at all times. The auto-logging in features of a phone should not be used for an online casino account. Instead the user should have a password that is easy to remember, and enter it each time the casino account is accessed.

Keeping A Phone Secure

The other risk faced by mobile phone users is when unsafe websites are visited, and dangerous software is downloaded. Malicious software can find its way onto a phone if software is downloaded and installed, and includes malicious software. This is why it is recommended to only download software onto a phone from trusted sources.

It is also a good idea to get antivirus software on a mobile phone. Many antivirus programs are offered for free, and can be downloaded quickly and easily. See what free software is available from your favourite app store now. Better safe than sorry.