The Growth of Online and Mobile Casinos

Online and mobile casinos have grown astronomically since the former first hit the market just over twenty years ago. There are many reasons why this may be so, and the advent of new technologies, new payment mechanisms, added safety and security measures, the general rise of the internet as a whole, and changes in consumer behaviour are certainly part of this.

While it can be said that mobile casinos have far surpassed online casinos and that the growth thereof has been much greater than online casinos, they would not be in existence if it were not for the online casinos. Therefore, in order to chart the growth of online and mobile casinos, one has to go all the way back to the rise of the online casino.

The Growth of Online and Mobile Casinos

The First Online Casino 

While there is some debate on who exactly started the first online casino, the roots of the online casino industry can generally be traced back to the 1994, when Microgaming launched the first online casino software.

Proof of online casino action, however, can only be traced back to 1996, when both Microgaming’s Gaming Club and the competitor’s InterCasino seem to have operated and made the first real money wagers. These were done via telephone calls to activate an account and make a credit card payment.

In the next few years before the new millennium, this changed drastically and new and improved means were constantly introduced. Dozens of new and exciting casino games were launched and the industry was steadily growing.

The Rise of a Giant 

By 2000, the online casino industry was valued at over US$ 2 billion. It is also after this period that the online casino industry moves into a global sphere, with online casinos popping up all over the world and allowing players, in many cases, to play online casino games from sites hosted all over the world. By 2005, online casino gaming has reached its peak.

Troubles and Growth 

In the few years following 2005, the online casino industry went through a trying time as numerous gambling laws were changed around the world, which heavily impacted the online casino industry, and some major casino platforms were closed down. However, despite setbacks, the industry still grew with total revenue hitting over US$ 20 billion and with almost a thousand online casinos being established all over the world.

The Boom of Mobile Gaming

At this point, the mobile gaming industry is launched as well, with 2013 being the first record year for this industry. Since then, mobile gaming has expanded astronomically, and it has come to equal, and almost surpass the popularity of online gambling in only a short few years. This is possibly linked to the rise of the smart phone as a whole, and the extreme convenience and accessibility of smart mobile devices.

The Modern Gaming World 

It has been suggested that the modern online and mobile gaming industry accounts for one fifth of all social network interaction, and there is no sign of this slowing down. Both the online and the mobile gaming industries are still growing at an astronomical rate, with more new and improved technologies continually hitting the market. These will undoubtedly shape the future of the gaming industry, especially as VR and AR are now coming to the fore, and wearable tech is also starting to make headway.

The online and mobile casino industry is now worth billions, and it’s estimated that mobile gambling will surpass its online counterpart entirely, and quite soon too. It may have taken a decade or so for online gambling to really take off, but mobile gambling has enjoyed a much shorter, faster upwards trajectory, and it looks set to keep on garnering fans, one smartphone and one slots game at a time!