Generation Yawn – Old Is The New Cool

A Generation Yawner

When its mentioned that a group of women are spending their Saturday night locked away inside, kitting and crocheting, and making a special effort to wear only sensible clothing, the conclusion drawn would be that they’re in their seventies. But no, it turns out that this group are in their twenties. This is the new growing trend found amongst the younger generation of today, giving way to them being referred to as ‘Generation Yawn’.

It’s apparently a growing trend, and something that is gathering more attention. It seems like the twenty something’s of today are deciding that partying, clubbing, and otherwise behaving like a young person is simply not cool. Instead, they are career focused, health obsessed, and living sensibly.

Some may simply say that youngsters are maturing early, but others say that this is a sign of the times. What exactly is the reason for this new Generation Yawn trend?

Reaction To The Times

The root of such behaviour can almost certainly be traced to the chaotic world of today. Each generation is obliged to deal with the reality of the world, and it just so happens that the world is faster paced, more demanding, and more stressful than ever before. With economic woes, the threat of global conflict, and more focus than ever on health, being a Generation Yawn-er is perhaps the only logical response.

Emily Matchar is the author of Homeward Bound: Why Women Embrace the New Domesticity. She looked into this new, apparently bizarre trend, and drew that exact conclusion. Though, she added that the phenomenon is also likely a response to simple natural opposites, as far social norms are concerned. Which is to say; what my parent’s thought was cool must be uncool, and vice versa. So, if going out and partying is what was cool for my parents, staying in and playing board games with friends, or playing retro style slots that don’t boast any massively modern special features must be what’s cool today.

Trends Write Themselves

The trick with trends, however, is that once they catch on, they catch on quickly, and tend to self perpetuate. With Generation Yawn being a growing trend, even fashion magazine have started to follow suite, further pushing the trend the next cool thing. Vogue Magazine has recently caught wind of the Generation Yawn movement, and is gleefully adding fuel to the flames. Welcome to Generation Yawn meets granny chic.

Clothing styles long associated with old, retired women are now the in thing, and being splashed across fashion magazine pages for all to behold. Flat shoes, shapeless dresses, and crocheted jerseys are the thing to be seen in when walking around in public. Absurd for some, and even hideous to others, this is how the twenty something of today will now be seen.

Of course, on the other hand, a person of today wouldn’t be caught dead wearing bell-bottom jeans, which were all the rage just a few decades ago, unless of course they suddenly became trendy again. Fashion is a strange beast, and tends to do unexpected things.

Is It So Bad?

But with all the fuss that’s being made about the so-called Generation Yawn, is it all really that bad, and something to scoff at? Twenty something’s preferring to stay indoors, have social evenings with friends, and eat healthy food seems like a ridiculous thing to be scoffing at. In fact, if looked at with the right light, it could easily be said that young people are more responsible than ever before. Why would this be something to frown on? Perhaps, for the first time in history, young people have naturally learned to be responsible.