Gambling Rules To Live By

With online and mobile platforms combined, gambling is arguably more popular now than it has ever been. More and more people are integrating this activity into their way of life, and need a basic blueprint on how to manage it – a list of commandments on gambling, if you will.

It’s important to have ground rules like this, but it’s also important to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible. With that in mind, we give you the 10 gambling rules that we think every player should live by. Read on and see if you agree.

Never, Ever Cheat

This hardly needs any elaboration, and is so obvious that it might not even seem like it needs to be said. But it definitely does merit mentioning again – it’s the first rule of enjoyable gambling. Have fun, play clean, and do not sully the game for yourself or anyone else.

Trust Odds, Not Hunches

Casino games are very exciting, and they really get the adrenaline going. This seems to really bring emotions out of people, and to make it more likely that they act on them. Wise players, however, bet with their heads and not with their hearts. Look at mathematically sound likelihoods, and avoid putting money on something just because it feels right. There is a place for acknowledging your intuition, but don’t depend on your gut feeling only when you are placing a bet.

Manage Your Bankroll Properly

Decide on your budget before you play, and stick to it diligently. Once you have made back whatever you deposited, withdraw that amount so that you are playing on profits only, rather than capital. And of course, never bet with money that you need for basic living necessities.

Be Wary of Betting Systems

Pay attention to proven mathematical reasoning, but be very careful of betting systems that promise the earth. As always, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Online casinos often allow for free, no-deposit games, so try any new theories out here before you put any money down on them.

Do Not Hedge Your Bets

Hedge bets usually have a very high house edge, making them a generally bad idea. Insurance is usually often a fool’s game, although you might want to consider it when you are playing with or for truly huge sums of money.

Expect to Lose

No one wins all the time, and when you play slots, table games or any other form of wagering game you need to take the good with the bad; that’s part of what makes it fun! If you expect this, it won’t get you down too much and you can build the losses into your betting strategy. Think of gambling primarily as a source of entertainment, not income, and think of losing as the price of that entertainment. This makes winning even more of a bonus!

Honour Your Gambling Debts

Another simple, cardinal rule – especially if you don’t want any trouble!

Seek Out Good Rules

As you play, you’ll notice that rules vary between casinos and can differ quite substantially. Know good rules from bad, and seek out the games and bonuses with the best rules possible. You’ll see a marked improvement in your returns.

Place Side Bets with Caution

Side bets tend to carry huge odds and though they are amazing if you win, the chances of that happening are extremely unlikely. The best thing to do is know exactly what they entail and hope they pay off, because when they do, they are amazing!

Observe Good Gambling Etiquette

Find out what the traditional polite exchanges in your game of choice are, and if you’re in a chatroom when playing bingo, or playing against a live dealer, always be courteous and respectful. Gambling is, after all, considered to be a true gentleman’s game!