Explaining Modern Gambling To An 1800s Gambler – by Marc Armstrong

I have a little game I like to play with myself, generally when avoiding doing work. I recommend it to any of you out there who are likewise avoiding work, perhaps even as you read this blog. The game goes like this; imagine being transported back to the 1800s, and coming face to face with a casino goer of the time. Your task is to explain to him how online gambling works in the year 2017. A simple task, you might think at first. But let’s just get something clear; this is a person who would likely faint at the sight of a television.

Casino Game Rules

I feel that the first prudent step to take would be to explain to our 1800s gambler that casino games have remained largely unchanged, even over such a long period of time. Casino games are, for the most part, exactly as they were in the 1800s. Sure, the popularity of certain games may have shifted dramatically, but the game themselves have the same rules. Poker is still poker, and roulette is still roulette. This would ease his mind, I think, and get him prepared for the difficult parts.

What Is A Mobile Phone?

Have you ever just looked at your mobile phone and thought; how the hell does this thing work? I sure don’t know. I mean, I could tell our 1800s gambler, who I’ve decided to name D’Artagnan, and who has a long handlebar moustache in my head, that a mobile phone is a portable computer, but that obviously wouldn’t get me very far.

You see, D’Artagnan, it’s a device that works on battery power, and I’ll come clean with you and say that the battery life is pretty damn abysmal. What is a battery? It’s an object that stores electric charge, in a way I couldn’t possibly fathom, and releases that charge a little at a time, keeping the mobile phone operating.

Witchcraft? No, not at all. Perhaps if you look at this old Nokia that is big and heavy enough to bludgeon a cow to death, and see where mobile phones start, you’ll get the idea. It’s like this old phone, but with a high definition screen, and no buttons. It uses a touchscreen instead, which is great for casino games, but awful for typing.

What Is The Internet?

So how does the casino game get onto my mobile phone? Well, the phone can send and receive information via radio waves, which are accepted by a tower, and the tower I turn can transfer the information all over the world. All this is done so fast that an entire game can be downloaded in a matter of seconds. But if you think that’s amazing, we can play casino games with a person who is literally on the other side of the world. No, again, not witchcraft.

But don’t get too excited, D’Artagnan, the phone reception is honestly horrible a lot of the time. Go just a bit too far away from a tower and you’ll be lucky to be sending and receiving texts, never mind anything as demanding as an online casino game. So, it uses the internet, which basically gives humans instant access to virtually all the information of the human race. We use it to look at videos of cats.

Access To Casino Games

So you don’t have a choice of just one or two casino games, D’Artagnan, a mobile device with internet connectivity can grant access to any casino game you can think of. There are literally thousands of online locations offering casino games, and each of these online locations has hundreds of games. And yes, the games can all be played for real money, if you choose to do so.

How do the games pay out real money? The money just goes right into your online account, and you can withdraw it. What is an online account? Well, it’s like a normal bank account, but it’s online, so it works via the already mentioned radio waves. What are radio waves again? Okay, I’m losing my patience now, D’Artagnan, are you even listening?

The March Of Time

I came to realise when writing this blog, and likewise when playing my little game, which I really do play, that the world has changed so much in the last century that it is literally like another reality. We tend to think that humans have always just been humans, and that history books are talking about our own world. The truth is that we cannot even begin to comprehend what it must have been like to live in the 1800s, and it is likewise futile trying to explain to an 1800s person what the future holds. They are different worlds, in every sense of the term.

But one thing that is likewise fascinating is that casino games really haven’t changed, regardless of how much everything else has changed. We are playing the same games as our distant forefathers, and that, at least, is like having living fossils right under out noses.


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