Epic Outer Space Entertainment with Star Dust Online Slots

Have you ever looked up at the vast expanse of the night sky and thought, I wonder what all of that stuff is made of? You’re not alone! Even with the encroachment of vast cities and the light pollution that keeps us from seeing the heavens in all their glory, interest in space and space exploration has never been higher than it is right now. With private companies entering the race to Mars and introducing the potential for private space flight, it’s an exciting time to be a stargazer. And if one is interested in both the cosmos and online slots, Star Dust might just be the perfect marriage of two passions!

But before we get into this epic game, we would do well to know a bit more about the science behind the graphics. What is stardust anyway? Well, stardust, which is also known as cosmic dust, is the dust that exists in outer space. You know that big, black expanse that hangs over your head every night? Yeah – it’s full of stardust! Like dust on earth, it’s quite small, but there are pieces that are larger as well. These larger pieces, which are made up of minerals that came together as matter left stars.

The saying “we are all made of star dust” holds more truth that one might think. Nearly every element on Earth was made in the heart of a star. Even some of the components used to create the machine you’re using right now. If it weren’t for stardust, we wouldn’t have the Star Dust online slots game!

Blasting Off

Blasting into the cosmos with Star Dust is a true trip into the vastness of space. This top casino game incorporates slick graphics along with compelling game play to bring quite an interesting package to those who would rather spend their nights gazing up at the sky than anything else.

The art style in Star Dust is a mix of cartoon realism and classic arcade. The background especially looks like it could be taken right out of the stunning shots from the Hubble Space Telescope. With a mix of huge nebulous gas clouds, a spattering of twinkling stars and a couple of beautifully barren planets, you’ll think you’re on the International Space Station.

This five reel, forty payline slot from Microgaming keeps some of the fun earthbound with classic symbols you’re sure to recognise. The card symbols ten, jack, queen and king make an appearance alongside brightly coloured gems. There’s also a Star Dust symbol as well as a bright orange and red spiral galaxy to tie in with the space theme. We’re not sure what space themed music sounds like, but we think it might sound a lot like the backing track for this slot. It has us ready to blast off and is adds a nice bit of atmosphere to the whole experience of the game.

Winning Big with Star Dust 

Normally, when you’re playing a game with fifty paylines, your betting is pretty straightforward. This is the case with Star Dust until you enter the free spins bonus round. Every free spin gives you 1,024 ways to win!

In addition, this bonus round in this slot features super stacked wilds. This means even a better chance of big wins. Add to that the radiant re spin feature which is triggered when players hit a three to four symbol win, and you’re looking at some serious potential for big prizes!

Are you ready to blast off? Grab your space helmet and get ready for an epic ride with Star Dust slot from Microgaming!