Differences Between Slots Games

There are various different types of slot games available. These are the classic reel slot games, the progressive slot games, and the video slot games. The games are pretty similar, though also simple to tell apart. Here are the major differences between classic, progressive, and video slot games.

Classic Reel Slots

The classic reel slot games may be a little simplistic by today’s standard, but it is their retro feel and classic appeal that still make them popular. These classic reel slot games hark back to the original three-reel fruit machines, focusing purely on the spinning reels and the action of the game without the drama and fuss of graphic detail, sound and animations.

While many classic reel slot games have been modernised, they all still go back to a time long gone and provide classic entertainment.

Video Slot Games 

Video slot games are the new kid on the block, and offer much more excitement than the classic three-reeled slot games.

Video slot games often feature five or even seven reels for players to play on, have multiple pay lines in contrast to the one single pay line common in the classic slots, often offer various ways of winning, and also boast a host of interesting features and graphics. Video slot games feature interesting graphic designs, music and sound effects, and even animations. These are in addition to the actual playing features, which include wild symbols, scatter symbols, and various bonus rounds, often in video-game style.

These additional features are all absent in the classic reel slot games, but make for a much more engaging and fun playing experience.

Progressive Slot Games

Progressive slot games do not differ much from video slot games in terms of the playing experience, but they certainly do differ in terms of winning potential.

In standard slot games, the jackpot is dependent on the prize pool within that one slot machine. In progressive slot games, the jackpot is fed by players playing on all of the machines on a range of casino floors, making the possible amount that can be won in the game’s jackpot progressively larger than any single slot game could hold.

The progressive jackpot is often competed for in a special feature that is activated within the game play.