The Desktop / Mobile Debate

Leading online casinos like Cabaret Club do not limit you to a single platform for casino fun. You can either play using your computer or a mobile device like a smartphone, your tablet or even a smart watch.

The best part is that you just need a single account with the casino and you can make use of any of these devices that you own to play real money games.

The Benefits Of Desktop Play

Desktop play is maybe not as convenient as other methods but it gives you the most options and customizability.

  • Great Game Selection

Firstly all online casino games will work on a windows or Mac device

  • Great Controls

Using a mouse and keyboard provides casino fans with the best control of the onscreen action

  • Compatibility

Computer operating systems run online casino games great, regardless of whether you use Windows or Mac. Developers make sure their games will work on the top two computer operating systems. If you have any compatibility concerns, simply play the games directly in your browser.


  • Bigger Screen Area

Finally, a huge benefit of playing casino games on your computer is that generally you will have a big, clear screen to play on. This is great for table games and many card games as you get a clear picture of what’s going on.

The Benefits of Mobile Play

  • Portability

Playing with a mobile device means you can play anywhere you have your device. A casino in your pocket is a pretty cool thing, as long as the device remains charged!

  • Real Money Gaming Anywhere

Real money casino games can be played on a mobile device. Imagine making a huge big money win in line at the grocery store!

  • Customised Touch Screen controls

Mobile games are perfectly made to take full advantage of touch screen controls for the smoothest casino gaming experience.


Choose Your Way To Play

Your favourite way to play casino games is your own personal preference at the end of the day, but why choose in the first place when Cabaret Club gives you the option to enjoy all your favourites in both ways?

Whether you want the most luxurious real money casino experience or whether you want the most portable and convenient real money casino experience. Cabaret Club has got you covered, whatever your choice of gaming is.