Craps Secrets You Need to Know

Most novice casino players will ensure that they steer clear of the craps table purely because of the fact that the game always appears to be one of the most complicated in the casino, but this isn’t necessarily true.

Craps can be fairly easy to play, with mathematics keeping everyone involved honest and conservative strategies often proving to be the wiser choice – but what else can you learn or do to improve your strategy?

The 5-Count System

Known as the Captain’s 5-Count System, there are many that have questioned whether this method is actually legit and whether certain occurrences should be dealt with in certain ways.

The 5 counts include rolling at any given point on the Come Out roll, any decent roll after the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Count roll and, lastly, the first point after the 4th Count roll.

Playing by this method reduces the size and number of bets placed on other shooters, which basically reduces your risk overall, however, you do end up watching more than you actually play.

Why Casino Dice Are Special

Have you ever wondered why land based casino dice are considered to be special? Well, that’s simply because they are. Transparent, casino dice hid absolutely no flaws and allow you to see that it is in fact balanced.

What’s more, casinos often replace dice so that no player is disadvantaged by worn edges that no longer live up to the standards that require each side to be machine-tooled straight.

Stopping a Game for a Dispute

There sometimes comes a time where you may have to challenge the events taking place, such as a peculiar roll of the dice or a misunderstanding with regards to whether you were paid out or not.

Fortunately, in the game of Craps, you actually have the power to stop the game and handle the dispute by asking the dealer to reconsider or recount if you disagree with the way in which thing played out.

More Bets Means Less Winning

We understand that more bets leading to fewer wins is not exactly a statement you would be inclined to believe straight away, but when it comes to table games, you better believe it.

While our minds want to think more bets equal more wins, this is far from the reality. In craps especially, when you place multiple bets, you essentially just take on more risk rather than spreading the risk like many believe.