Craps Q&A

Played with dice, a table, and casino chips, craps has a reputation for being a confusing and difficult game among those who don’t actually play it online. We certainly agree that the table layout can appear baffling at first, but the game is actually quite simple.

To put it as simple as possible, betting on the outcome of rolls of two dice is all you will be doing when you play the game. There is obviously a bit more to it, so find out more by reading our answers to some of the common questions about the game.

Where Does the Name Originate?

The first question has nothing to do with playing craps, but it is something many players, especially those in English-speaking countries, ask. The name comes from the French word ‘crapaud’, which means ‘toad’.

The game was originally played on sidewalks, and the players crouched over the playing area reminding observers of toads.

How is Craps Played?

You’ve launched craps online, and now what? First things first, you will need to place a bet. The best bet for complete beginners is the Pass Line bet, so drag your chips across the table and put them on the Pass line.

Next, roll the two dice. The combined result needs to be a 7 or 11 for you to win. A combined result of 2, 3, or 12 is a loss, and any other result becomes what is known as the Point number.

What is the Point Number?

A Point number is a craps dice score that, once established, needs to be rolled a second time for you to win your bet. However, you need to roll the Point before you roll a 7.

If you roll a 7 after you have established a Point number, you will lose the bet.

What’s After a Point Number?

You’ve placed a Pass Line bet, established a Point number, rolled it, and won your bet. What next?

You get to keep the dice and have another roll. This is known as a Come-out roll, and it needs to produce a 7 or 11 for you to win. Rolling a 2, 3, or 12 will lose, and any other number will be a Point.

You then need to roll the dice again, and hope they produce the Point a second time. If you roll a 7, you lose the bet.