Common Mistakes Smart Online Slot Players Make

Online slots are probably the most played online casino games, not only for the fact that there are far more slots than anything else, but also because they are the easiest to play and no skill is required. Online slots have come a long way since the original land based one arm bandits and continue to progress with advancing technology.

Anyone ever playing online slots does so to win. From beginners to seasoned online slot players, everyone has equal opportunity, but there are many misconceptions that players fall for in the hopes of better winning chances. These common mistakes that even smart online slot players make are debunked for your benefit:

Every Slot is Different

It is important to remember that no two online slots are identical and each and every one has unique attributes. Not just with regards to themes, bonuses and game play features but, most importantly, each and every online slot game has its own odds, jackpot amounts and pay out rates. Never make the mistake of assuming they all work in the same way, as they don’t.

Don’t Assume a High RTP Means You’ll Win

Every online slot game has a return to player percentage, this is typically a theoretical amount and represents the amount paid out in wins versus the total amount bet on the online slot game for that specific time period. A player must never assume that the percentage will be paid out to them as this is a general amount paid out to all players. Some players win big while others lose it all. The return to player percentage is no guarantee that one player will win just because it may be a very high percentage.

Betting Systems Don’t Work So Well in Slots

When it comes to betting systems, players make many assumptions that do not in fact increase their winning chances. There are a variety of betting systems doing the rounds and while some may work on other types of casino games, online slots simply rely on smarter betting where one only bets what they can afford. Certain other smart choices such as walking away on a winning streak and on an unlucky streak should also be considered as there are no proven systems that guarantee wins will continue and losses will be recouped.

Be Aware of Max Bet Options

It is a common assumption that players should always play the high wager online slots or with the maximum bet in play for higher payouts. This is not the case as many low wager online slots pay out just as good and unless it is stated that the pay out increases with placing a maximum bet, there is no need to.

In many cases there are progressive jackpots that do require the maximum bet to be in play but there are far better odds of winning smaller pay outs with landing winning combinations than there are of winning progressive jackpots. It also common for online slots to pay out multiplied by the bet, which essentially means that, yes, payouts are bigger but the overall odds of winning rely on playing more spins rather than higher wagers.

Play all Paylines

One way in which a player can maximize their winning potential is to play all paylines. Just because there may be little money left to bet with does not mean less paylines should be played. Rather bet smaller amounts on all paylines as the odds calculated by the return to player percentage is associated with all paylines in play, and it prevents a player from missing out on a winning combination landing on a payline without a bet.